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Friday, March 25, 2022

Female Police Officer Pees Her Pants After She Did This To Herself

By Our Correspondent

There have been many strange cases in South Africa where police and road officers were seen in the middle of the road drunk. Another one has happened again in south Africa. This time it was a lady.

She was arrested at another police check point while driving to an unknown destination in the middle of the night.

The strange part is that she was heavily drunk to the point she peed on her pants.

Being a police officer is not an easy task. They all should learn to live by examples because the safety of the public lies in their hands. They need to be alert at all time.

When a police officer do not adhere to the rule of law, they tend to out the lives of the members of the public at risk.

However, the many people who watched the video expressed different opinions. Some condemned the action of the lady while others condemned the man who was recording the video.

Someone who is against the recording videos in such pathetic situation wrote, " You don' t need to take a video and embarrassing her you were supposed to help her brother. You never know what she is going through. She Is a policewoman yes But she is also a human being like you sir. Next time you find someone in a situation help than to embarras. "

Another person who also feels for the lady commented, " as much as we are going through things but drinking at work should not be condoned because its making things even worse, worse in public it would be even better if she was in office in this state not in public. i hope she is taking things easy wherever she is"

Another person also wrote, " the inhumanity of cameraman shows us his/ her lack of thinking ability,

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