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Friday, March 25, 2022

A Lady Has Been Caught Deceiving Men For Sex, See What They Did To Her

By Our Correspondent

As a very disturbing occurence was detailed by the media, a moderately aged lady by the name Kadesi Katsigeire, was completely messed up by local people after she was supposedly trapped in the act with a high school kid.

The one who is 59 years of age reportedly lives in Bwera area base camp, Kyeizooba sub- district in Uganda.

Ms Kadesi who doesn' t have a spouse and isn' t dating, had been accussed of searching for young men and furtively bringing them into her home where she uses the chance to fulfill herself prior to being discovered today, 21st of March this year in the act in the demonstration.

The lady was caught in the act in the demonstration occupied with having fun with a certain teenage boy who goes by the name Godfrey Musyotoore.

The angry ladies in her community asserted that they had been left disgraced by the deeds of the named lady and along these lines after presuming the continuous demonstration, they chose to attack the house of the lady unannounced just to get the two out without their garments on who requested for forgiveness but were immediately frogmarched to a pynlic place.

As it was significantly women who were punishing the lady, they gave her ten strokes of the cane to go about as a warning notice to other young ladies, and the guy was also given 4 strokes of canes.

Minutes subsequent to being disciplined, Ms Kadesi is accounted for to have vanished from the area and her whereabout still remains unknown.

" She really disgraced us as women, men are supposed to be coming after women and not the other way round, he is putting the future of the male students in a mess, as at now, we can' t find her again after the punishment. " One resident said.

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