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Friday, March 25, 2022

Beautiful Woman Murdered, Private Part Harvested After She Went Out With A Mysterious Man

By Our Correspondent

Ritual killing is sweeping all over Africa making a lot of people live in fear. 

Mostly women have been found to be victims of these killing which is making people question whether the gods are only interested in the parts of women. 

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The latest victim of ritual killing is a young lady who has been found dead in a hotel with some of her body parts harvested. 

This is becoming a norm which calls for people to share their locations and people in their company with family and friends so people who decide to hurt them can be traced when things go south. 

According to the deceased’s friend she called her to mention going to spend the weekend with some new man she has found. 

To her friend she thought it was just a normal getaway and was therefore shocked to found out she was murdered. 

This troubled friend of the deceased told police she does not know who the mystery guy is and called for the matter to be probed till the truth surfaces. 

When police found the beautiful deceased, her private part was cut off, br3ast and other organs. 

spokesperson of the State Police Command, Catherine Anene confirming the incident said “ the deceased private part, Br3ast and tongue was cut.  when we found her. There was no sign of another person in the hotel from”  

She added that “ we were called when one of the hotel cleaners found the body lying on the floor and informed her supervisor. Unfortunately the cctv camera at the hotel was down so the deceased walked in with is not known at the moment.” 

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“ we are currently using other available clues that will lead us to the suspected ritualist who committed this heinous crime.” 

The deceased has since been deposited at a morgue. 

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