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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

53 years old woman revealed that she never slept with man because of mother's love

By Our Correspondent

A lady identified as Evelyn revealed that she is 53 years old and has never been married or slept with a man because of her mother’s condition. She is the one who takes care of her since she was born as the only girl in that family.

She was born in a family of 12 children as the only female. After completing her high school studies, she joined college where she studied nursing. She was lucky to secure a job immediately after the internship. When she was in the process of leaving the country for greener pastures, her mother fell sick.

During that time she was 24 years old, and according to her, she was a church girl who wanted to stay pure until marriage. Being the only girl in the family, her brothers asked her to take care of their old ailing mother, especially because she had studied nursing.

She dedicated all her love and time towards her mother since she couldn’t do anything on her own. Men would approach her, but according to her, most of them wanted to sleep with her. For the few who were serious, she ended up turning them down because of the love she has for her ailing mother. She was not ready to leave her mother suffering to please any man.

She revealed that some neighbors always ask her to get married while others tell her to give birth to her children. She doesn’t need their advice because, according to her, her brother’s children are like hers. 

She says she is ok because she has already reached menopause and can’t bear a child. She says she can’t regret her decision but she hopes to have a spouse shortly.

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