By Our Correspondent

In a world where dreams often surrender to the relentless grip of poverty, the family of Omopariola Sunday in Ibadan has chosen to defy the odds, following their passion with a relentless rhythm of life.

In the family, the father, mother, and two young children have humbly woven together their passion for vulcanising, fetching money from the repair of faulty tires for motors and motorcycles.

In an interview with PUNCH newspaper, the family explained that it was not part of their foresight that they would all become vulcanizers working at the roadside. But after tasting many waters, they threw the hat into the ring for vulcanising, a journey which started with their first son.

According to the wife who is an NCE holder, she met her husband when he was a taxi driver. After they married, things got tough and complicated.

With little help coming, they had to put their challenges behind them and embrace what life threw at them — not minding what people would say.

“Some people make jest of me; some would be abusing me. Some people wondered why I am into this.

“But one thing I know is that those people who are abusing me today, by tomorrow will praise me…,” the wife said opening up on the ordeal and the challenges she faces daily.

Speaking on why she engaged in the work, the woman also explained that it is a matter of necessity to support her spouse as they hope to get more equipment to help with their work.

“It is not my desire to be doing this, but to assist him. No matter what he is doing, I have to support him. We are aiming to get the machine that will be removing the tire,” she said.

The Punch.