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Monday, May 29, 2023

Queues return to Lagos, Abuja after Tinubu’s announces petrol subsidy removal in his speech

By Our Correspondent

Shortly after President Bola Tinubu announced the cancellation of petrol subsidy, queues for the product have resurfaced in parts
of the country.

“On fuel subsidy, unfortunately, the budget before I assumed
office is that no provision is there for fuel subsidy. So fuel subsidy is
gone,” the president had said.

Soon after, it was observed that some filling stations visited in Lagos and Abuja were closed while others that dispensed petrol had large queues of cars and people, lining up to fill their tanks and kegs.

At BlocOil filling station, Satellite Town, Lagos, customers were seen waiting their turn to buy the product.

Similarly, at a branch of TotalEnergies in Alakija, a larger crowd was seen, with the queues already spreading to the road as of the time of filing this report.

 On the other hand, Mobil, MRS, and Techno oil filling stations in Festac Town, on 23 Road, 22 Road, and 1st Avenue, respectively; were closed.

 In Abuja, a branch of Nipco filling station located on Kada
Road, and Mobil filling station in Mabushi, vehicular queues stretched onto the roads, in efforts to buy petrol.

The situation was grimmer in Ogun state as it was observed that from Arepo to Mowe, only three, out of over 20 functioning filling stations, were willing to sell the commodity.

At Asharami, Satellite filling stations in Ibafo and Mowe, long queues were seen.

A resident who preferred anonymity that most filling stations
decided to stop selling when they were informed of Tinubu’s speech on petrol
subsidy removal.

“Some of the fuel stations only heard about the subsidy
removal and just stopped selling,” the resident said.

“They could have at least waited for the new president to fully resume work before acting.”

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