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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Governorship Elections a Focus on Ogun State

By Femi Oke, Abeokuta

In Ogun state my home state Govr Elections are a 3-way race between the Incumbant APC, PDP & ADC

Fmr Govr Amosun (SIA) a Member of APC is Openly Campaigning for his Amosun Democratic Congress (ADC) in pursuit of his Personal Agenda of Hatred against Sitting Govr Prince Dapo Abiodun(PDA), masked in a Fake Agenda of Equality & Support for Development in Ogun West, he abandoned during his Tenure.

He tried & Failed Miserably to stop PDA becoming Govr in 2019,  Creating & Supporting his Amosun Peoples Movement (APM) Candidate AAA who is also from Ogun West.

Alledged to have Orchestrated Political Thugs to Cause Mayhem, Violence, Destruction, Voter Intimidation & Suppression even to the point of stoning President Buhari & others at APC's Rally in Abeokuta MKO Abiola stadium where Buhari Endorsed PDA the APC Candidate.

Anti Party Activities were not Punished then & that is why Amosun Continues with Impunity. Amosun left Office after 2 terms with many Achievements in Road Construction especially in Abeokuta the state Capital & was coined Govr of Abeokuta.

He spent N100's of billiion's on Abandoned Model Schools,  Abandoned Gen Hospital in Abeokuta & Numerous Critical Roads started & left Abandoned causing Misery & Hardship to so many Ogun Inhabitants.
Government is a Continuum whoever Succeeds must complete

Whether you like  PDA or not he is a Continuation of the APC Agenda, however he has completed only a few of the Several Abandoned Projects left by Amosun Littered all over the state.

PDA started & Completed a number of New Road  Infrastructure Projects all over the state including the development of a New Cargo Airport in Iperu which saw its first plane land recently. This is a mark difference to Previous Govrs who spent Nbillions on Phantom Airports that were Never built.

It is essential all these Abandoned Projects are Completed in PDA's 2nd term if he wins the Elections.

The  ADC Candidate Otegbeye  is from Ogun West a Marginalised commercial hub of the state who have not had a Govr since the state was formed. 

He has the Full Support of SIA who says Ogun West has been Abandoned a charge he is largely responsible for having abandoned it during his 8yr Tenure & Botched Succession plans for Rotation to Ogun West by Opposing Yayi in Favour of imposing AAA both from Ogun West.

Yayi who has secured his Senatorial seat is backing PDA again with his Formidable Political Machine with an Eye on 2027 when he is likely to Declare Emi Lo kan as power rotation to Ogun West will be at it's peak.

Adebutu the PDP Candidate is from Ogun East is playing Catchup after just coming out of Protracted PDP infighting and winning his Ticket through the Courts.

All is not well in PDP as it is Split with many of its Stalwarts from PDP Strongholds in Ogun West including Fmr Govr Gbenga Daniels have Decamped to the APC

He will split Ogun West Votes with ADC's Otegbeye & Yayi's APC so Yewa votes will be split.  He is unlikely to get much votes from Ogun East, Ijebu & Remo are Certain to back their Incumbant Son Govr PDA

Ogun Central which incudes Abeokuta the Stronhold of Egba will be split, Amosun's hold will be deminished as he doesn't have command of state resources to Cajole Voters as he did in the past..

The Presidential Elections show Ogun is locked down for APC & it's PDA's to lose but I doubt the other contenders will be able to win. Their quests may be an Exercise in Futility.
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