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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Ewekoro Council Boss Celebrate Christmas/Birthday With Uncle Naths

By Afolasade Owotutu, Abeokuta

 The Executive Chairman Of Ewekoro Local Government and other APC leadership has joined the Foremost Investor and Business Guru in Ewekoro Local Government to Celebrates his Birthday/Christmas ceremony.

 Hon. Adesina Sikiru Adisa as he has been a Man of peace, man that loves his people and a party Man that do his job in a strategic Ways visited UNCLE NATH on the occasion of his birthday yesterday. 

During his movement, he went Together with Ogun Central Senatorial Chairman (Chief Fohun Abiola), The Party Chairman: (Chief Ayinde Sogbamu) and other Stakeholders of the Local Government. 

Hon. Adesina narrated why it's very crucial for this set of Leaders in the Local Government to visit this great Man, Uncle Nath, been an Entrepreneur that controls over thousands of Workers in his company and which has promised his support for Our great party APC during our tour to his place before this day. 

 He said further, "Uncle Nath is our brother, our Uncle and he has tremendously Mandated All his workers to get their PVC as we requested from him during our discussion last time, And of course, which it has already been done".

 In the process, Chief Fohun Abiola handed over the Party Chairman (Chief Ayinde Sogbamu) to be visiting Uncle Nath time to time, if there is any needs from the Party, we'll definitely delivered with immediate effect. "Chief Fohun Abiola stated this".

 However, Uncle Nath Appreciated the The Council Chairmen and The Stakeholders that were Present, for the surprised visit and promised to 100% Support APC has it has been his Party right from the time. 

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