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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Putin Has SURRENDERED, WAR IS OVER? President Putin Finally Takes EU, AU & NATO By Surprise

By Our Correspondent

According to Sky News, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin might be planning to end the war in Ukraine and withdraw his troops with immediate effect. The announcement was made by Sky News after President Putin allegedly put a call through to some world leaders whose identities have not been revealed.

It was alleged that Putin was on call for more than 60 minutes and sensitive topics about the war in Ukraine and sanctions imposed on Russia by other nations were discussed.

Without strong evidence to back up the report, Sky News alleged that the Russian president might be planning to call off the war and have started negotiating with Ukraine leaders on ways to reach a reasonable agreement in other to stop further bloodshed and destruction of properties. Below are some reactions you need to see.

Luisa " No one will believe anything Stalin/Putin says until Russian troops stop firing weapons, retreat and withdraw back to Russia. "

Jean " Who wants to make a bet that if this conflict is resolved soon, the public will be paying for this economically for the rest of their natural lives, and the politicians at Westminster will blame all the economic woe on it! "

Sohna " Only Scholz and macron bring peace in Europe as the same Frau Merkel and Hollande did 8 years ago. If Europe left their politics in the hands of the USA and England, Europe will be the new Middle East, because their adviser is a comedian. "

Drake " Let' s hope Putin has come ta his senses and realize the people of Ukraine r not part of Russia on more and no amount of dictatorship on his part will change the hearts and minds of the good people of Ukraine. "

Khan " Ukrainian are to blame for this war for failing to negotiate and being stubborn. They are responsible for all the deaths. It didn' t have to be this way"

Emil " Russian pres Putin should end war or stop the war if it takes for long for sure many Russian people, politicians, Russian army, etc will turn against him. "

Wright " Don' t trust a man who had his minions telling the world there was no intention to invade it just a military exercise. Duplicitous count. "

Imran " Russian troops out- no to NATO expansion. Ukraine needs to strike a deal as the battle for Kyiv is going to get nasty. "

Coker " Please don' t listen to Putin. Let the sanctions continue. He must learn the word P. E. A. C. E by force. "

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