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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Huge Amount Of Money And Dangerous Guns Recovered From These Armed Robbers In Kaduna

By Our Correspondent

Police operatives in Kaduna state have recovered a huge amount of money after arresting some notorious armed robbers terrorizing the state.

The Commissioner of police in the state, Ali Janga made this known to newsmen when the suspects were paraded at the state police headquarters.

Ali said the arrest was made possible by his men' s steadfast commitment to apprehend all of the perpetrators.

The police commissioner displayed all the weapons recovered from the robbers, noting that the majority of the sophisticated guns they were captured with amazed the officers because the police do not wield such weapons.

The amount of money recovered from these suspects was another stunning factor that sparked media attention.

The CP stated that the money which had risen to millions was discovered in their hideout when the police busted into it.

These armed robbers weren' t just robbers; they were also kidnappers who operated under the influence of drugs and charms.

One of the gang leaders told newsmen that he has been involved in robbery and kidnapping for a long time and has made a lot of money from it.

He went on to say that they were also sponsored by high- ranking government figures.

The police commissioner added that the culprits will all be charged to court as soon as possible.

Police officers in various sections of the country have been putting in necessary efforts to ensure that the number of persons terrorized by armed robbery is reduced to zero level.

The arrest of these prominent armed robbers in Kaduna state sparked a lot of interest, especially because of the amount of money recovered from them.

When some highway robbers were also caught in the state few months ago, see the sophisticated weapons recovered in the video below:

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