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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Russian/Ukraine War: USA, Germany Intervenes, takes fresh decision that might shock Putin Kamaldeen

By Our Correspondent

As tension arises between republic of Russia and Ukraine, United Stat of America USA, Germany has placed ban on all Russian flight by the United States and many other nations, Germany on Sunday, announced that it has placed a ban on all Russian flights.

Details of the report added that the ban would be in place for 3 months unless certain changes are made.

The German transport ministry on Sunday said, " Notice to Air Missions, the transport ministry has imposed a flight ban for Russian aircraft and aircraft operators in and over German airspace. The order is valid for three months. Only humanitarian flights will be exempted from the airspace. "

Many people felt that Russia has lost the war against Ukraine due to the new ban placed on Russia by Germany. Below is what people are saying.

Tony " Hmm it' s like the war is not Russia and G7. Crazy people everywhere, American and UK, just pupating Ukraine president to gain their selfish interest. I trust Putin no amount of pressure will make him succumb to the western gangsters. "

Victor " Putin the only thing that you should be thankful for is that Ukraine is not part of NATO by now we talking different things. But just know that the world is bigger than what you think. "

Gabriel " Honestly Vladimir Putin is just doing what any other president would do to protect his country. But sadly all hands are pointing at Russia, stay strong president Vladimir Putin we love you. "

Joshua " Putin may be big and powerful but certainly can' t be more powerful than the world. If Russia is isolated and they live like they are the only one in this world. Then it will be bad for them. "

Nelson " Is only a stupid person who says all the sanctions won' t affect Russian because nobody or country who can survive on it own without associating with others or country, isolation and rejection is the worst punishment ever. "

Sunday " I sense a global conspiracy here against a bold and caring country trying to protect the current and futuristic safety of her citizens and denizens! Where was Germany when Afghanistan, Biafra, Libya, etc were invaded by other world powers? I pray that WWW3 shouldn' t come through this Russia- Ukraine wars! "

Bro " No sanction can harm Russia rather those imposing the sanctions will lose billions in the global economy. Acknowledge Russia. "

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