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Sunday, December 19, 2021

War against Terrorism; Lessons from Biu

  War against Terrorism; Lessons from Biu

By Our Correspondent

When Boko Haram terrorism was at its peak in Borno State, the people of Biu were promt to device ways to help themselves. They were more often caught (attacked) unawares. Thus,  the endless brutality became spontaneous. 

They were matcheted in broad daylight. A father shot in front of his kid. Women and kids were unavoidably victimised. Your next door neighbor in the market can be sent to Heaven before the day ends (after starting the day together). Killings increased in public places. Hence, fear spiked immensely, the fear of untimely death, the fear of death. Who's next? They wondered timidly.

Biu people decided to act. To protect themselves by conquering their fears. They stood up for themselves and faced the terrorists. Out of rage and provocation, the youths began to attack the terrorists even though they were unarmed, thus leading to more casualties among the people. But the terrorists were also killed or sometimes badly injured in the end. That was the spirit that would bring an end to terrorism in Biu.

After a community meeting, the elders decided to "kill the enemy within". So in an unannounced mission, they caught some BH members and used them to fish out more members. Over 500 BH members were arrested and slaughtered in broad daylight. They were mass-buried. Other BH members sought exit from Biu to save their lives. 

The mass killing continued until BH sent their delegates to Biu to talk things out. They promised not to ever attack Biu again if the few members left are given a safe passage

This is actually not about the killing of BH members, I want to share the story of resilience and brotherhood. When they decided to execute all the BH amongst them, their was no insider that leaked the news to save the terrorist, rather, fathers bring out their sons to be executed. Friends joined hands in executing their friends, brothers or relatives. 

There was no sentiment, bcos they wanted victory. Ask anywhere, Biu has been free from BH atrocities since 2-3 years back. The people live happily ever after.

Till now there hasn't been any attack whatsoever. There are so many vigilante groups and JTFs. Success can't be achieved by the forces only. People have to act! 

Sadiya Abubakar Isa posted

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