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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Happy birthday to Ademolake, a political giant in Ogun State

By Our Correspondent

What a joyous moment for each and every one of us as our political leader turns another age today. Ademolake, you are a true leader with track record, who knows what leadership entails.

Your invaluable contributions to the development of our dear state is second to none. You have always concerned with human development; that is why, you have been empowering thousands of youths across the state. Welfarism of people have always been your top priority.

Your leadership quality is what fuels development into our community, and  our dear state at large. It is a worthy privilege that we have an eminent leader like you. At this juncture, we are bold to say that your exemplary leadership is a very unique one.

Our prayer for you this moment is that, may you increase in good health , abound in wisdom as your blessings become limitless for enhanced service to Ogun State, and humanity as a whole. Do have a memorable birthday celebration in an ambience of joy sir. Igba Odun, Odun kani Sir. The gallant and indefatigable leader of all time. Ademolake! Ademolake! Ademolake! Happy birthday.

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