Thursday, November 18, 2021


By Taiwo Nodiru

The Federal Lawmaker and also the House of Representatives member representing Ijebu North, Ijebu East, Ogun - Waterside Federal Constituency, Rt. Hon Prince Abdel-Majid Adesegun Adekoya popularly called ATTACKER is very dear in the minds of his constituents. 

Prince Adekoya who is a second timer in the House of Representatives is the Deputy Minority Whip in the Green Chamber of the National Assembly Abuja.

Prince Adekoya, swung into actions immediately after his re-election in 2019 by embarking on numerous unprecedented / remarkable / landmarks projects not only within his Federal Constituency but across the three Senatorial Districts of Ogun State.

Starting from outside his Federal Constituency, Prince Adekoya facillated   a world class multi-million naira Cardiothoracic Center at the Federal Medical Center Abeokuta, ( Ogun Central ) first of it's kind in the south western Nigeria.

Prince Adekoya also facillated the complete renovations of the Assembly Hall of St. Barbara's Primary School, Okun - Owa in Odogbolu Local Government.

Prince Adekoya, again facillated the complete renovations / rehabilitations of the Hostel Blocks at Ijebu Ode Grammar School , Ijebu Ode.

In Ogun West, Prince Adekoya, has also assisted / empowered many Yewa indigines in the area of Federal employments / empowerments .

We may then be wondering why Prince Adekoya is working beyond his Federal Constituency. The simple reason for his wonderful actions is his interest in the Infrastructural development of Ogun State.

Some people are also of the opinion that Prince Adekoya might be nursing a gubernatorial ambition come 2023. Even though, Prince Adekoya is constituionally eligible and  eminently qualified to aspire into any political office  including the presidency  in Nigeria , but for now, his focus and attention remain the total turnaround of his Federal Constituency.

Coming back to Ijebu North, Ijebu East , Ogun - Waterside Federal Constituency, Prince Adekoya is performing wonderfully well beyond the expectations of his constituents.

In Ijebu East,  construction works has commenced on the Ijebu - Mushin Ultra modern Market. 

Ilodo Community Hall is presently undergoing total renovation.

Constructions of blocks of classrooms are ongoing at Comprehensive Secondary School, Ijebu Ife.

Ogbe River Bridge has been completed / delivered with asphalt road.

The School Hall of Itele High School is being renovated.

In Ogun - Waterside, construction works has commenced on Oni Ultra modern Jetty. This is a landmark / legacy project  that will guarantee massive employment generation for the unemployed youths.

Abigi Health Center has been completed / delivered.

Various public Primary / Secondary Schools have also been renovated and rehabilitated.

In Ijebu North, construction works has commenced on the Ago - Iwoye City Stadium.

Blocks of classrooms have been delivered at Japara High School, Ijebu -  Igbo.
The total reconstruction of Orimolusi Palace Ijebu Igbo has been facillated.

Blocks of classrooms are being renovated at Moslem Primary School, Ajebo - Oru Ijebu.

Blocks of classrooms at Ebumawe Model Primary School, Ago - Iwoye.

Many public roads have been reconstructed with solar powered street lights across the Federal Constituency.

Blocks of classrooms at St. Paul Primary School, Ago - Iwoye Secondary School, Muslim High School are ongoing while a well furnished computer room at Methodist Comprehensive High School, Ago Iwoye has been delivered.

An annex of the Federal Medical Center at Ako - Matoole Community is also being facilitated and ongoing.

The Ago - Iwoye Central Development Council ( ACDC )  Health Center is also undergoing complete  rehabilitation.

Generally speaking, various  Women / Youths empowerment programs ,  Federal government employment opportunities , local and foraign training opportunities are some of the other benefits that are being enjoyed by members of his constituents.

Provisions of brand new tractor  for farmers across board.

Provision of a brand new grader for the grading of rural roads across the Federal Constituency.

In simple term, Rt. Hon. Prince Adesegun Adekoya  is a rare breed, a superlative Federal Lawmaker ,  uncommon goal getter  and  undisputable achiver who will always win his elections any day , any time.

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