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Friday, July 5, 2024

Lagos Security Taskforce Launches “See Something, Say Something Campaign

By Our Correspondent
In a bid to stamp out environmental degeneration and sustain the position of Lagos State as a resilient metropolitan city as enshrined in the THEMES Plus Agenda of the State Government, the Chairman of the #The Lagos State Environmental and Special Offenses (Enforcement) Unit (Taskforce),  CSP Adetayo Akerele launches the “See Something, Say Something” campaign at the Headquarters of the Agency today.

The campaign programme which is one of the many lined up programmes of actions to be initiated by the Chairman is to serve as a feedback mechanism through which members of the public can reach out to the Agency to report and update the team on happenings and incidents of concern that might have been observed in their vincinity. Akerele adopted this mechanism as a form of two-way communication tool through which anyone can reach out to the Lagos State Taskforce on issues bordering within the scope of operation of the Agency.

“I belong to the school of thought which states that communication is a two way thing – the encoder and the decoder. The task of stamping out illegalities such as environmental degradation, black spots, okada riders operating illegally, street trading, driving against traffic (One-way), causing obstruction on the Highway, blockage of streets and roads for social events and so on can only be achieved through whistle blowing mechanisms such as this. We can act when we get tip offs from members of the public through this initiative

CSP Akerele who assumed office recently disclosed that he is determined to achieve his set out goals through the collective effort of every stakeholder in the Metropolis. He urged members of the public including members of staff to utilize this opportunity in order to restore sanity across board.

“The internet and social media has made whistle blowing quite easy these days. You can send messages, pictures or videos of any illegal activities within your area to our social media handles and I assure you that you will be reached to within the shortest possible time. Your identity will remain confidential for safety reasons but I assure you that we will act upon it once we conclude our investigations”.

The Chairman further addressed personnel of the Agency to carry out their duties with utmost professionalism and decorum in order to avoid caught in the new wave of reportage.

“There will be no sacred cows in this era therefore I urge you all to carry out your assigned duties with a human face. We are all being watched and if anyone is caught carrying out any illegal activity, he will be sanctioned according to the rule of engagement.”

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