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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Oba Olusegun MacGregor makes historic visit to Liberia, strengthens ties between nations

In a landmark diplomatic visit, His Majesty Oba Prof. Alexander Olusegun MacGregor, the revered monarch of Orile-Ilawo, Abeokuta Ogun State, has embarked on a historic trip to the Republic of Liberia.

The visit, hosted by President Joseph Boakai, marks a significant milestone in bilateral relations and cultural exchange between the two nations.

Accompanied by his wife, HRH Olori Omolara MacGregor, and a delegation of cabinet chiefs and experts in various fields, His Majesty arrived in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, to a warm welcome. 

The delegation included the Bobajiro of Ilawo Aare Tunde Debayo-Doherty, Chief Samuel Erigha Williams, Chief Olayinka Junaid, Ambassador Tosin Sanusi, and others.

During the visit, His Majesty and his delegation held meetings with top Liberian officials, including President Joseph Boakai, Vice President Jeremiah Koung, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sara Beysolow. 

Discussions focused on economic integration, cultural heritage, agriculture, free trade, and assimilation of Liberians in Nigeria.

His Majesty and his delegation also participated in cultural showcases, featuring traditional music, dance, and art, aimed at deepening understanding and exchange between the two nations. 

The visit included a grand state banquet, courtesy of the Liberian Government, where dignitaries, diplomats, and cultural luminaries gathered to celebrate this momentous occasion.

In a gesture of goodwill, His Majesty and his delegation made donations to the Yasmin Foundation, a not-for-profit organization operated by the son of the Liberian president, Tan Tan Boakai, and pledged future contributions.

The visit underscores the enduring ties between Nigeria and Liberia, rooted in centuries of shared history, trade, and cultural exchange. 

As a symbol of unity and goodwill, His Majesty's presence serves as a testament to the strength of diplomatic bonds that transcend borders.

Aare Tunde Debayo-Doherty, on behalf of the delegation, expressed immense satisfaction with the robust engagements, stating that it signifies a tipping point for future collaborations and economic development between both nations.

His Majesty and entourage also visited historical landmarks, paying homage to shared legacies and fostering cultural appreciation.

This historic visit by Oba Prof. Alexander Olusegun MacGregor has strengthened the bond between Nigeria and Liberia, paving the way for greater economic cooperation, cultural exchange, and diplomatic ties between the two nations.

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