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Saturday, May 11, 2024

I claim Oni of Ife is my father to attracted his attention, son apologizes

By Our Correspondent

A man who recently claimed to be the son of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, in a viral video has retracted his statement and apologized to the monarch.

In a new video, the man apologized to the Ooni, explaining that he had seen the monarch in a dream in 2022 and had another dream involving him a month ago.

He claimed that he created the initial video to attract the Ooni’s attention after his attempts to meet him in person were unsuccessful.

“I have a reason for creating that video. In 2022, I found myself beside the Ooni in my dream, engaging in discussions. Initially, I was unaware that it was a dream because Kabiyesi gave me the bead on my wrist. However, when Kabiyesi raised my hand, that was when I woke,” the man explained.

He continued, “Upon waking, I was perplexed about how I had encountered the Ooni of Ife, but later concluded that he is the father of Oduduwa land. Dreaming about him is not unusual or inappropriate. I have never dreamt about an Oba before; typically, I dream about governors, not an Oba.”

The man stated, “My esteemed father, please do not be displeased with me. I did not create the video to defame you; rather, I made it to attract your attention so that I could narrate my dream to you and hopefully meet you.”

He added that it was not an error to address the Ooni as his father because he is the leader of the Oduduwa descendants. “Nevertheless, you remain my father because you are the father of Oduduwa land. I implore Nigerians not to spread my video to defame the Ooni, as its purpose was to seek his attention,” he said.

The Ooni’s spokesman, Moses Olafare, had earlier responded to the initial video, stating that the man’s claims were false and that the matter had been reported to security agencies.

Olafare clarified that the Ooni knows and acknowledges all his children and would take full responsibility for them. “He is not a child of Ooni Ogunwusi as fraudulently claimed, but also never related in any way to any lineage of the Ogunwusi royal family and the Giesi Royal Compound of Ile-Ife at large,” he said.

The palace spokesman had assured that the House of Oduduwa remains committed to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Yoruba people and would not tolerate any attempt to undermine or tarnish its legacy through fraudulent means. 

“We will continue to protect and uphold the integrity of the Ooni and the royal family,” Olafare said.

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