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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Hardship: Worshipers Fight Over Govt Food Palliative At Lantoro Muslim Praying Ground

By Ifeoluwa Adebayo, Abeokuta

Over Government rice palliative worshippers at the Muslim praying ground in Lantoro, Abeokuta, Ogun State, engaged in fierce fight being distributed by the Commissioner for Women Affairs, Hon. Mrs Adijat Adeleye. 

Adeleye had arrived earlier at the praying ground with her aides before the commencement of the prayer session for the distribution of the food palliative.

But while the Commissioner was providing the essential food supplies to the worshipers, a sense of desperation gripped a part of the crowd as they scrambled to secure their share of the palliatives.

Tensions quickly escalated, leading to a fierce scene with individuals engaged in physical altercations to claim the limited resources.

While those in charge of the palliative care tried to prevent the worshipers from disrupting the distribution, they were overpowered, forcing them to suspend the exercise for a moment. 

Although there were scenes of distress and discord as individuals jostled and fought over bags of rice, each containing pieces of smaller bags of 5kg, exchanging punches.

Other worshipers who tried to bring calm to the scene, while speaking to our reporter, said the incident symbolized the harsh reality of widespread economic hardship in the country.

A worshiper, Tunde Omobolaji  said “There is urgent need for the government to address poverty and ensure equitable distribution of resources in Nigeria. 

He added “This revealed the desperate situation faced by many in the community and  the pervasive issue of poverty. 

Another worshiper said Kule Bello “It's a shame and a pity to see people fighting over small bags of rice. Let government at all levels work hard to end hardship in this land.

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