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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Adebutu is responsible for the loss in 2023 election, Ogun PDP Chairman

By Ifeoluwa Adebayo, Abeokuta

Chairman of the People's Democratic Party PDP, Ogun State chapter Hon. Sikirullai Ogundele has attributed the party’s defeat in the 2023 elections to the gubernatorial candidate, Rt. Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu. 

Ogundele accused Adebutu of exhibiting authoritarian behaviour, disregarding party leadership, and refusing counsel, which, he claimed, contributed significantly to the party’s failure to secure power in the state. 

He lamented that despite pleas from influential figures like  presidential candidate of the party in 2023  Atiku Abubakar  and  former president Olusegun Obasanjo to include former governor Gbenga Daniel on the ballot, Adebutu allegedly remained obstinate. 

He said, “The reason why we are not in power today is because of Hon. Ladi Adebutu. 90 percent of the reason why we are not in government today was caused by Hon. Ladi Adebutu and this is because of his high-handedness, he does not listen to anybody’s advice.

“Adebutu has been the major reason why the party has been failing since 2019 election. I don’t think Adebutu himself is interested in becoming the governor.

“Atiku came to Abeokuta twice to plead with Adebutu that we should put OGD (former governor Gbenga Daniel) on the ballot, but he refused. If we had put OGD (Daniel) on the ballot, the party would have won many seats at the election.

“Everybody was aware that Atiku came to Ogun state twice to beg him (Adebutu). Obasanjo too begged him, but he refused to shift ground.”

Ogundele pledged to reclaim the party’s integrity from Adebutu’s influence, emphasizing that the PDP should operate democratically, without being beholden to any individual. 

Ogundele insisted  that PDP is not anybody’s personal property.

He said, PDP must be seen and run as a political party that is fair and just to every member irrespective of his or her  financial status or position.

Also speaking, the deputy governorship candidate of the party at the 2023 election, Adekunle Akinlade said, the party must be better repositioned to defeat the ruling party in 2027. 

He said “What we are saying is that, if we must win or perform differently in 2027, we must reposition this party, we must bring in everybody to this party, we must make everybody feel comfortable that this party is for all of us.

“We must put the past behind us, we must put 2023 behind us and forge a strong front that can give the opportunity to face whatever the future holds.

“The party must be more disciplined and our leaders must have the right temperament and good character”, Akinlade said.

But, reacting, Adebutu described Ogundele as selfish, describing his attack as a “foul cry from a man after his own personal gains”.

Adebutu who spoke through his spokesman, Afolabi Orekoya said he was not perturbed by Ogundele’s allegations and would not join issues with him.

“The chairman is just on his own, out of 57 state executive council members, if it is only the chairman that is alone saying that, then you know that there is more to it.

“We are not joining issues with him, he is the only one on that journey, he was the only state executive member that was at the meeting out of 57 that is to tell you that it is more of his own personal thinking.

“Was it Adebutu that went to disrupt or cause violence at Sagamu where elections were destroyed? Was it Adebutu that gave the judgements at the courts?

He is crying foul because of his personal gain and enterprise, we are not perturbed and we are not surprised.

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