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Friday, March 1, 2024

See Prices Of Bag Of Rice Across States In Nigeria (List)

By Our Correspondent

Nigerians are groaning over the recent inflation which has led to the hike in the prices of foodstuff, transportation, petroleum products, among others.

Market surveys and interactions with vendors across various states reveal a sharp increase in the cost of essential foodstuffs, with the price of a bag of rice, a staple in Nigerian diets, escalating from fifty thousand Naira to over Eighty thousand Naira.

This significant hike in food prices has become a pressing issue for the average Nigerian, making it increasingly difficult for many to afford basic meals.

When asked about the reasons behind this steep rise, market women and men offer varied explanations.

A substantial number attribute it to the government’s decision to remove fuel subsidies, a move that has had far-reaching implications on transportation and, by extension, the cost of food distribution.

Others point to the broader economic challenges facing the country, citing unfavourable economic conditions as a key factor driving up prices.

The removal of fuel subsidies, intended as a policy measure to stabilize the nation’s economy, has inadvertently led to increased operational costs for farmers and traders.

The resultant effect is a pass-through of these costs to consumers, manifesting as higher food prices in markets across Nigeria. Additionally, the country’s struggle with inflation, fluctuating exchange rates, and reduced purchasing power has compounded the problem, placing a heavier burden on the common Nigerian.

The impact of these soaring food prices extends beyond just the economic sphere, touching on the very fabric of societal wellbeing.

For a nation where a significant portion of the population lives below the poverty line, the current trend poses a severe threat to food security and nutrition.

The situation calls for urgent measures from both the government and stakeholders to address the root causes of inflation and implement sustainable policies that will ensure the availability and affordability of food for all Nigerians.

As the government grapples with these economic challenges, the citizens’ plea for relief grows louder.

The need for a comprehensive strategy that encompasses subsidy reforms, support for local agriculture, and investment in infrastructure has never been more critical.

The hope is for a swift and effective response that will stabilize food prices and provide much-needed respite for millions of Nigerians struggling to make ends meet in these trying times.

Here are the current prices of rice (50kg bag) in some states in Nigeria;

– Benue State: N62,000

– Edo State: N50,000

– Rivers State: N75,000

– Anambra State: N65,000

– Plateau State: N62,000

– Kano State: N55,200

– Oyo State: N85,000

– Kwara State: N80,000

– Lagos State: N68,000

– Ogun State: N75,000

– Osun State: N80,000

– Enugu State: N65,000

– Ebonyi State: N60,000

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