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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Good worth millions of naira destroy in fire incident at Abeokuta ...10 shops burn to ashes

By Our Correspondent

In a devastating turn of events on Monday evening , Lafenwa Market bore witness to a fierce fire that engulfed over 10 shops located at the rear of the market. 

The incident, which unfolded around 8:00 pm, resulted in the destruction of goods worth millions of naira.

According to eyewitnesses, including Muinat Akinfenwa, a market woman with a shop opposite the affected area, the fire originated from a dumpsite behind the shops. 

Allegedly, in response to an excess of refuse, an individual set fire to the dumpsite in the evening, assuming the flames would be safely extinguished by 7:30 pm. 

However, the situation took a tragic turn as the fire spread rapidly, consuming numerous shops.

Muinat Akinfenwa recounted the shock of returning home, only to receive an emergency call shortly after. 

Upon reaching the market, the extent of the damage became apparent, with over 10 shops already reduced to ashes. The local fire services were summoned, but their efforts could not prevent the substantial loss.

Muinatu Olawoyin, Osi Iyaloja Lafenwa, expressed sorrow over the incident and lamented the improper disposal of refuse behind the market. 

She commended the swift response of the new DPO of Lafenwa Police Station, the local government chairman, and various agencies including Oodua Peoples Congress , Amotekun, TRACE, and market women who collaborated to combat the fire.

Iyaloja Lafenwa, Alhaja Sidikatu Owe, extended gratitude to Iyaloja Egba, emergency services, and government officials for their prompt intervention. 

She underscored the disobedience of individuals contributing to the dumpsite problem and called for adherence to proper waste disposal practices.

Ogun State Commissioner for Environment, Ola Oresanya, visited the scene on behalf of the governor to commiserate with the affected market women. 

He expressed the governor’s sadness over the incident and pledged a  swift government intervention. 

 Oresanya emphasised the dangers of indiscriminate refuse burning during the harmattan season, declaring the dumpsite illegal.

In response, he assured that the state government, in collaboration with local authorities, would construct additional stalls to discourage roadside displays. 

The commissioner also warned residents to utilize the OGWAMA waste management system and refrain from burning refuse.

While no lives were lost, the Lafenwa market fire serves as a poignant reminder of the consequences of improper waste disposal, prompting the government to promise urgent measures to alleviate the impact on those affected.


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