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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

BIRTHDAY/VALENTINE: Jesam Micheal blesses Nana Berry Orphanage Home with N15m, bought a home for them (Video)

Fintech expert and CEO OF Afriq Arbiritage System is a Philanthropist per excellence. 

The entrepreneur genius celebrated his birthday on Monday, February 12th, 2024 with the less privileged and orphans.

Interestingly,in the mood of his birthday and Valentine, he visited Nana Berry Orphanage home where he donated the sun of 15,000,000 to them and food items running into millions, too.

Aside that, when he visited them same time last year in February, he bought Nana Barry orphanage homes the multimillion naira property they are using presently. And due to his love and compassion, the orphanage has her own personal home.

Before his birthday, he told his staff and community member that he is not celebrating with fun fares, rather, he prefers to celebrate with the orphanage homes.

Reacting to this kind gestures, he said seeing them smile always makes him happy. 

Jesam Micheal is a Fintech Expert cum entrepreneur genius. Arguably known as the tech guru with the Midas touch, he is a man on a mission with a unique vision.

Jesam Michael widely known as CEO has caused a stir on the internet with a disruptive technology that has never been seen. 

He single-handedly developed and programmed a robotic system that could trade different cryptocurrency exchanges and secure profit in milliseconds.

He hails from Yakkur Local Government Area in Cross River State, Nigeria. He was born on 12 April. He began his journey into the world of forex and cryptocurrency trading 20 years ago.

Interestingly, as a man on a mission with an outstanding vision, he launched AAS in the year 2023 after a lot of scrutiny and testing in the background.

This system was developed to combat the reign of scam platforms that have stolen people’s money.

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency and online investments, Jesam Michael has emerged as a pioneering force, leading the charge for transformative change. 

As the CEO of Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS), his innovative solutions around tokenized digital currency are reshaping Nigeria’s financial landscape.

Jesam Michael’s commitment to transparency and accountability resonates with investors, as evidenced by their testimonials. 

Despite setbacks caused by external factors, including the unscrupulous actions of a rogue employee, the platform remains steadfast in its mission.

Investors from various walks of life have shared their positive experiences with AAS, emphasizing the platform’s legitimacy and the sincerity of Jesam Michael. 

AAS is not just a financial platform; it’s a beacon of trust and genuine investment opportunities.

The testimonials reflect a shared sentiment that AAS, under Jesam Michael’s leadership, stands as a genuine antidote to Ponzi schemes. The CEO’s dedication to educating investors and fostering a sense of community sets AAS apart in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Beyond AAS’s success, Jesam Michael’s journey is one of resilience and determination. He has also diversified into Real estate known as AAS Solar powered Estate beside Dangote refinery, AAS Lounge, AAS iPhone store, tracking Security agency, Air ticket system amongst others.

Jesam Michael Philanthropic life. He recently embarked on a tour which he titled “Giving back to the Society”.

Jesam Michael visited some General Government Hospitals and pay hospital bills for all patients and the authorized the immediate renovation of some dilapidated areas of the hospital, he visited the orphanage homes with food items and donated huge amount of money for the children’s up-keep. 

Jesam Michael is changing the narratives, recently some Heads of Divisions of the Nigerian Police Force paid him a courtesy visit where he also donated hugged sums and currently renovating some police station divisions in Cross River State. 

Jesam Michael foundation is current registering over 2,000 Jamb applicants for the 2024 UTME Jamb Registration.
Finally, Jesam Michael is an employer of labour with over 3,000 staff under his pay roll. In one of his press interview, he expressly said that he is a mission of raising young African Millionaires.

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