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Friday, January 26, 2024

Oluomo’s impeachment vindicated me - Ogun Former Deputy Speaker

By Kemisola Abdul-Azeez, Abeokuta

 The Former Deputy Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Oludare Kadiri, said that Oluomo’s impeachment vindicated him in the present of Ogun State

Kadiri, who represented Ijebu North State Constituency II from between 2015-2019 and 2019 to 2023, was removed from office after accusing Oluomo of financial impropriety.

Speaking with journalists on yesterday, Kadiri said, “Everyone knows how Hon Osho and myself were assaulted, disgraced and victimised when Oluomo was Speaker at the Ogun State House of Assembly. But with this latest development, the whole world must have seen what we were saying at that time".

“The allegations upon which he was impeached were almost the same thing with the grounds for my grouse against him then.

“He talks to people anyhow, divides the Assembly, trying to paint some as the governor’s boys while tagging some others as anti-government. These were the things I was shouting against then. But people seemed not to understand me or maybe I was the one who wasn’t presenting my case well but thank God we all can understand now.

“The same maltreatment I faced, is the same thing the current Deputy Speaker Hoon. Mrs Latifat Ajayi is facing. So going by what has happened, I have been vindicated and tuesday was one of my happiest days on earth because God really vindicated me.

“I couldn’t sleep; there were different calls from different quarters, some even apologised to me that they misunderstood me.

“This is a victory for all of us in Ogun State and our democracy. We just have to salvage our country; corruption cannot just continue to thrive in our system and while we expect that development will take place.

Oluomo himself knows that his days were numbered. He tried to play smart but his colleagues outsmarted him. 

Investigation reveals that he plans to suspend some house members the way he suspended I Hon Maba and Hon Osho in the chamber 2019-2023. 

They know his statistical game of politics he plays when he is not comfortable or feels threatened by any members who refuse hos bids.

Those who plotted the coup left Hon Elemide out of the game plan.. Those behind the coup would have emerged the position as Speaker if they were selfish and over ambitious. It is clear that they were not fighting a selfish agenda rather they want a peaceful legislative chamber in the state. 

Today Hon Daisi Elemide is the Speakers
of Ogun State House of Assembly.

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