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Monday, January 29, 2024

IPAC Urges Adebutu to Join hands With Abiodun In lifting Ogun to Greater Heights

By Our Correspondent, Abeokuta

The Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) in Ogun State has congratulated the Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun on the recent Supreme Court Verdict which affirmed his victory at the polls.

The IPAC lauded the verdict of the Supreme Court today at a press briefing held in Abeokuta the state capital, which affirmed his election on March 25, 2023 governorship election.

IPAC said the Supreme Court Verdict has laid to rest the election matters in the State calling on all the gladiators including Hon Ladi Adebutu and his Party, PDP to join hands with the governor in lifting the State to greater heights.

IPAC congratulates Prince Dapo Abiodun, CON, for the victory of the Supreme Court and urges him to continue to demonstrate good leadership in Ogun State and remain focused on transforming the State.

IPAC which is the umbrella body of all political parties in the State warned politicians against further widening the existing gulf and divisions in the State after the Supreme Court Verdict.

IPAC warned that the State cannot afford to crash this democratic process on the altar of narrow self-interest by politicians who are merely on a mission of personal ambition and self-aggrandizement.”

IPAC, in the quest for power by some politicians, rather than addressing issues that are critical to the State, the actors, especially those who have eyes on the 2027 elections have been inflaming the passion of sectional and personal anger among the people.

“The point is that there is danger ahead if this monster is not tamed”.

“We called on all political parties and particularly, those in All Progressives Congress, both the leaders and members to shun the diversionary antics of those bent on manufacturing crisis and creating a false impression of division in the State”

“We want the residents of the State not to be hoodwinked. The unprecedented achievements of the Ogun State Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun, which is open to all the residents and the general public are highly monumental”.

IPAC also noted that Ogun State residents look up to the APC-led government to lead with high integrity.

“It is for this reason that IPAC appeals to every true resident of the State and anyone who truly wishes the success of this administration to not fall for the antics of the disruptive elements in APC in making statements that could give credence to the crisis in the State”.

On the Ogun State House of Assembly Crisis, while IPAC believes that it is the right of the lawmakers to choose who should be their Speaker, we believe also that this should be done lawfully. The State cannot afford to be engulfed in another crisis after the elections matter has been finally settled.

The law requires due process to be followed whenever a step like the removal of principal officers of the Assembly is to be done. We are not in a Banana Republic. where a speaker will be served with a notice of impeachment on January 24th, 2024 while his impeachment was carried out on the 23rd of January 2024

Our major pre-occupation at this juncture is to appeal to our legislators to Reinstate the impeached speaker to give him a fair hearing which may lead to resignation or otherwise

We are also appealing that all Allegations of financial impropriety against the speaker must be proven beyond reasonable double as he who alleges has the burden of proof

We here call on all the Political Parties in the State that we should allow Mr Governor to concentrate on the issues that have to do with the development of the State.

The alleged removal of Olakunle Oluomo, though is the right of the lawmakers to do if done according to the extant law of the land, but we as political parties will not stand and watch the State engulfed in a crisis, thereby disallowing Prince Dapo Abiodun from providing dividends of democracy to the people.

We therefore urged all gladiators to thread softly and rescind any action that could tamper with the peace of the State.

We understand that Oluomo had approached the court to challenge his removal as the Speaker, we therefore implore the Assembly to allow him to explore the legal process before taking any further steps.

“All the Elders and leaders in Ogun and most especially, the youths must join hands with Our amiable Governor in taking Ogun to an enviable height.

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