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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Ahead of 2027, Still On The Issues Of Power In Ogun State

By Olufemi Dokunmu

  I have been wondering!!! Some people, who have been trying to dictate who should succeed them or become governor without caring what majority of the leaders and people of Ogun State want, have converged to say they are tired of hostile succession of Governors in Ogun State. 

Whereas this call is apposite and sounds good, that it is coming from those who really have, themselves, been promoting hostile succession makes it somewhat distasteful.

 To swallow it will require a heavy pinch of salt. For instance, they said they cannot wait for 16 years to become governor again when some people have been clandestinely pushed out of governance for 46 years!!! Do they just want those people to keep quite all in the name of peace! For many a time, they have forced the Yewa to attempt to truncate, blindly confront or grab power from a serving or incumbent Governor from Ogun East (2007 and 2023). Awon Yewa lo se ran ni ise de toru toru. Of course, this has always been a deliberate booby trap or subterfuge to use against the Yewa. Each time the Yewa people refused to be used as cannon fodder, they are bluntly accused of having bungled their chance.

 The vicious circle has continued and I have been hearing the same sing song now from these people that the Yewas must be punished in 2027 for not confronting Dapo Abiodun in the 2023 elections.

 They instigate hostility in succession bid and want the Obas to come and be looking for elusive peaceful solution, as if our Obas in Ogun State are puns in their chess game. They are calling for peace, while playing God and drawing battle line that Yewa division shall never become Governor if they are still alive.

 I think fair minded people in Ogun State should make them talk of fairness, equity and justice first as precursors to the peaceful succession they are calling for, if they are really sincere with the people of the State. Thank God, they are not God. 

Thank God, their opinion and agenda do not reflect the opinion of majority of the people in Ogun Central who are uncomfortable with their approach; and thank God that majority of the people of Ogun East, who are men of honour, who know who has stood by them, who has not oppressed them for several years and they will reward them handsomely when it is time to determine, peacefully, who will succeed Prince Dapo Abiodun. 

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