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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Gov AbdulRazaq and the 2024 budget

By Ahmed Folorunsho

Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq presented the budget estimate for the 2024 fiscal year named ‘Budget of Economic Expansion and Collective Prosperity’ to the State House of Assembly a few days ago. After reading the budget last night, I commend the governor for the projects he highlighted, as they are the most needed for the state at a time like this. 

For the benefit of those who may not have come across the projects, I would like to mention a few of them. The establishment of Kwara State University Teaching Hospital, Kwara State University of Education, expansion of 13 hospitals across the state, works on sports facilities statewide, and construction of CBT centres across the three senatorial districts. 

The projects also include the rehabilitation of Ilesha Baruba Waterworks and others in the state, wholesale curriculum revitalisation and training under KwaraLearn, construction of 250 housing units under the proposed mass housing scheme of the State Government, building of new wards and expansion of maternity units at Civil Service Clinic, and rehabilitation of Pampo waterworks and extension of pipes, among others. 

All these achievable projects presented by Governor AbdulRazaq further his undiluted commitment to make Kwara great again and comfort its great people. However, members of the main opposition party in the state have been running their mouths like a faulty Tiger generator, as usual. A discerning person does not need to hire a detective to know that these guys are unrepentant haters of Kwara's progress. 

All their gimmicks to take Kwara and Kwarans back to the bad old days, which comforted them, have not yielded. Therefore, any good news about the state breaks their hearts and opens their mouths to yarn dust. Unfortunately for them and their political orphan called leader, Kwarans are wiser and would not buy their lies and propaganda no matter how they package it.

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