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Thursday, November 30, 2023

ECN holds validation workshop on Nigerian Energy Calculator 2060

By Our Correspondent

 As Nigeria prepare to join the rest of the world for a global discourse on mitigating effects of climate change at COP 28 in Dubai, the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) on Wednesday held a one-day validation workshop on the Nigerian Energy Calculator 2060 (NECAL2060) in line with its responsibility as the lead agency for the country's energy transition plan. 

 Speaking at the event director General of the commission, Dr Mustapha Abdullahi told participants from government agencies involved in the field of energy that the country must be actively involved in efforts to achieve reduction in carbon emissions. 

 He said: "The present workshop is being organized to provide a platform for stakeholders in the energy sector to engage in dialogue relating to energy demand and supply, energy efficiency, the role of renewable energy, emerging energy technologies, challenges and opportunities of future energy systems, and the country's responses and strategies to climate change.

 "I encourage all participants at this event to please examine the different aspect of the calculator in respective groups,share professional experience and views and make constructive criticism that will help the commission to finetune the long-term carbonization scenarios represented in the calculator." 

 The ECN Director General also provided some insight into the Nigerian Energy Calculator and its impact on energy transition.

 "NECAL 2060 is one of the few flagship energy planning tools adapted by the commission for this purpose. It is an integrated energy planning tool built on the framework of the UK-2050 calculator, for the purpose of assessing energy demand, energy supply, emissions and land use and forest emissions.

 "The planning tool is designed to develop pathway combinations of energy demand and supply to achieve emissions reduction,while ensuring energy security based on available resources, emerging technologies and lifestyle changes. 

 "The tool provides answer to the fundamental questions of how the energy system can evolve over the coming decades and its impact on greenhouse gas emissions, energy security and energy mix for driving the economy and the cost implications", Abdullahi added. 

 In his keynote address, the Acting Director, Energy Policy, Planning & Analysis at the commission, Engineer Ahmed Abdurrahman described NECAL 2060 as a comprehensive tool to advance the goals outlined in Nigeria's Energy Transition Plan.

 Participants at the event were drawn from government agencies including the climate change office of the Ministry of Environment, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) as well as the academia. Information, Corporate Communications & Strategy Unit, Office of Director General of Energy Commission of Nigeria, Abuja. November 30, 2023

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