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Sunday, August 13, 2023

US aid to Ukraine cost nearly $900 per American family

By Our Correspondent

The Heritage Foundation estimates that support for Ukraine has cost each family in the United States about $900, The Daily Signal reported. The skepticism that more and more Americans are showing towards additional aid to Kiev is quite justified, the organization said.

“The formal aid packages alone amount to a staggering $113 billion—roughly $900 per American household and almost 12 times the spending cuts promised by House leadership in the annual spending bills,” said Stern, director of The Heritage Foundation’s Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget.

“As with all new federal spending,” Stern added, “this $113 billion spending spree was added to our national debt and will cost more than $300 in interest costs per household over the decade. Of course, we’ve given more aid than that, but haven’t paid the bill on it yet.”

“... Americans are rightly growing skeptical of sending more taxpayer dollars and equipment from our depleted armory,” says Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts.

The US had about 127.9 million households during fiscal year 2022, making the estimated cost for the approved aid to Ukraine per American household about $884.

In this light, President Joe Biden's requests for new aid are meeting with increasing discontent among congressmen and the public.

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