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Saturday, August 19, 2023

SALAMI RECEIVES CAPTAIN JACOB AJAO ...Harps on Constituency Development

By Mercy James, Abeokuta

Members of Ogun State House of Assembly, representative of Ifo Constituency ll, Hon. Fola Salami, alongside with Constituency Stakeholders and representatives welcomed a distinguished guest, Hon. Captain Jacob Ajao, a former Member of the House of Representatives who represented the Ogbomosho North/Ogbomosho South/Oriire Federal Constituency, to his constituency office at Oke Aro. 

 The courtesy visit extended beyond mere formalities, as the engagement saw the convergence of two dedicated representatives committed to addressing the unique challenges faced by the constituency and charting a progressive path forward. 

The visit marked a significant milestone in fostering intra-constituency collaboration and knowledge-sharing for the betterment of the communities they serve. 

Discussions during the courtesy visit centered on a variety of pertinent subjects, with particular focus on understanding and addressing the challenges confronting Ifo Constituency ll. The intellectually charged discourse saw both representatives exchanging insights, experiences, and ideas on how to strategically tackle issues related to infrastructure, unemployment, healthcare, education, and overall community development. 

 The exchange of experiences was a highlight of the engagement, with Hon. Jacob sharing valuable insights gained during his tenure in the House of Representatives. His perspective on legislative advocacy and effective governance added a unique dimension to the dialogue, offering practical solutions that can be tailored to the needs of Ifo Constituency ll. Both representatives underscored the importance of unity, collaboration, and the need for a multi-faceted approach to overcoming challenges. 

The discussions led to the identification of potential areas of collaboration, including policy advocacy, youth empowerment initiatives, and partnership with private entities to drive sustainable economic growth. 

 The courtesy visit marked a significant stride in strengthening the bond between representatives who share a common goal - the upliftment of their constituency. Hon. Salami expressed his gratitude for the insights provided by Hon. Jacob, acknowledging the importance of learning from the experiences of fellow representatives to drive positive change at the grassroots level. As a team, Hon. Salami and Hon. Jacob expressed their unwavering commitment to advancing the welfare and progress of the constituents of Ifo Constituency ll. 

 The visit concluded on an optimistic note, with a shared resolve to transform challenges into opportunities and pave way for a brighter future for the constituents of Ifo Constituency ll. *Fasco Media Team*

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