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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Ijebu Traditional Rulers, Religion Leaders and Other Well Wishers Welcome Aremo Adekoya with funfair in Ago-Iwoye.

 By Taiwo Nodiru.

The Deputy Minority Whip of the House of Representatives, 9th National Assembly, Rt. Hon. Aremo Adesegun Abdel-Majid Adekoya (ATTACKER) formally returned to his country home after his successful and remarkable tenure as a federal lawmaker for a period of eight consecutive years. 

The historic reception was organized by the Ago-Iwoye Central Development Council (ACDC) to specially welcome a super performer, an outstanding federal legislature, the highest goals scorer and "Mr Projects" of our time.

This grand reception for Aremo Adekoya was a collection of who is who in the traditional/religion/political and social circles of Ijebu-North/Ijebu-East/Ogun Waterside federal constituency. 

The Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye, HRH, Oba Abdul-Rasak Adesina Adenugba (Okokodanameji II) was on ground to personally receive other royal fathers from far and near who came to honour, appreciate, pray and rejoice with Aremo Adesegun 'Abdel-Majid' Adekoya over his super and wonderful performance as a member of the 8th/9th National Assembly.

The Orimolusi of Ijebu Igbo, HRH Oba Jayeola Adebajo, the Oloru of Oru Ijebu, Oba Olufemi Adebanjo, the Moyegeso of Itele, Oba Engr. M.A Kasali (MFR), the Olokine of Ojowo - Ijebu-Igbo, Oba Abdel-Rasheed Banjo, the Keegbo of Atikori, Ijebu-Igbo, Oba Ibitoye Solaja, the Magunsen of Itamarun, all the traditional quarter Otunbas in Ago-Iwoye, the Council of Baale and Olorituns were among the personalities that graced the occasion.

The Ago-Iwoye Muslim Council/the Chief Imam in Council was led by Sheik Ally Shitu, the Grand Chief Imam of Ago-Iwoye. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Ago-Iwoye branch, the traditional worshipers, the markets associations led by Otunba Mrs Aderonke Oduneye the Iyaloja General of Ijebu-North LG, the hunters association, Egbe Bobakeye, Egbe Jagunmolu, youth associations, various social and political groups were all on ground to make the events  colourful.

It's on record that Aremo Adesegun Abdel-Majid Adekoya was the first lawmaker to spend two consecutive terms as a federal lawmaker representing Ijebu-North/Ijebu-East/Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency.

The tenures of Aremo Adesegun Abdel-Majid Adekoya (ATTACKER) in the Green Chamber of the National Assembly was so impactful and remarkable as many unprecedented achievements were recorded in terms of quality representations and projects facilitation.

Aremo Adekoya is also the first federal legislature to be elected  as a Principal Officer of the Green Chamber of the National Assembly from his federal constituency.

Aremo Adesegun Abdel-Majid Adekoya used his position as a Principal Officer in the Green Chamber to facilitate almost four hundred remarkable projects spread across and beyond his federal constituency. 

These various federal government projects facilitated by ATTACKER covers Schools development, Community Health Centres, construction/ rehabilitation of urban/rural roads, construction of rural/urban bridges, construction of various community halls, communities erosion control, rural/ urban water works(motorized boreholes), market developments, provision of Information/Technology centers, rural/urban electrification , provision of solar powered street lights, development of riverine areas, building of mosques/churches etc

Apart from the close to four hundred projects which are too numerous to be stated here, Aremo Adekoya also has to his credit, the following legacy projects :

 Construction of Ijebu-Igbo Heritage Center (the magnificent Oba Orimolusi Palace).Ago-Iwoye City Stadium, Ago-Iwoye. Construction of Ultra-Modern Jetty, Oni, Ogun Waterside.Construction of Ultra-Modern Jetty Iwopin, Ogun Waterside. Construction of Prince Senator Buruji Kashamu Skill Acquisition Center, Oke-Oyinbo, Atikori, Ijebu-Igbo.

 Imushin-Ajino Shopping Mall, Ita-Nla, Ijebu-Imushin. Madam Efunse'ke International Infertility and Maternity Hospital (FMC Abeokuta Annex) Ako, Ago-Iwoye. Ako Community Centre, Ago-Iwoye. The proposed Federal College of Education (Technical), Ako, Ago-Iwoye which is currently awaiting presidential approval.

Aremo Adesegun Abdel-Majid Adekoya is noted for his super performance right from his political days in Lagos as Councilor, Vice Chairman - Somolu/Kosofe and the very first elected Council Chairman of Kosofe LG, Lagos. Aremo Adekoya received the award of the Best local govt Chairman in Lagos State and the tittle of the Opomulero of Lagos as a mark of recognition from the Oba of Lagos.

In their various goodwill messages, all the traditional rulers earlier mentioned and present during this august event took their time to eulogize, appreciate and pray for Aremo Adesegun 'Abdel-Majid' Adekoya for executing various landmark projects within their communities which have now make lives more meaningfu/bearablel to thier people.

The Orimolusi of Ijebu-Igbo, HRH Oba Jayeola Adebajo described Aremo Adekoya as a glorious son and a source of joy to many communities in his federal constituency, Ogun State and Nigeria as a whole. The Ijebu-Igbo monarch also specially requested for a proper documentation with pictorial evidences  of all the remarkable/ unprecedented projects of Aremo Adekoya, this to him will be very useful for the generation yet unborn as a reference point.

The Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye, HRH Oba Abdul-Rasak Adesina Adenugba, Okokodanameji II couldn't hide his joy as he sang and danced to appreciate God almighty for given him a son such as Aremo Adesegun Adekoya. Oba Ebumawe while appreciating other traditional rulers who came to honour him and his Aremo perched for a peaceful/harmonious working relationship amongst all the Obas in Ijebu-North LG as he affirmed the leadership of the Orimolusi of Ijebu-Igbo being the headquarters of Ijebu North LG.

Oba Ebumawe also made a passionate appeal to all Ago-Iwoye sons and daughters to come together as one and indivisible entity irrespective of their political/religion defferences towards the development of Ago-Iwoye while also assuring that Aremo Adekoya will bounce back in no distance time to continue his good works /service to the nation even in higher position of responsibility. 

Oba Ebumawe is proud of Ago - Iwoye as the host of the state owned Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) and the Aletheia University, privately owned by the Baba-Oba of Ago-Iwoye, General Sansaliyu Awosanya (rtd).

The Aremo Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye, Rt. Hon. Prince Adesegun 'Abdel-Majid' Adekoya (ATTACKER) in his remarks appreciated all the good people of his federal constituency for finding him worthy to represent them in the Green Chamber of the National Assembly for a period of two terms consecutively which was unprecedented.

Aremo Adekoya appreciated God who gave him the wisdom, strength and ability to perform beyond the people's expectations. Aremo Adekoya further assured his constituents that none of his projects will be abbandoned. Aremo Adekoya also informed his constituents that more federal projects which he had already facilitated and got approvals for  will continue to drop from time to time to the benefits of the good people of his federal constituency.

Aremo Adekoya appreciated all for deeming it fit to receive him back home after his meritorious service in the National Assembly.

Aremo Adekoya has over thirty chieftaincy tittles to his credit from different kingdoms as  marks of honours and recognitions which  are too numerous to be mentioned here.

The Oluweri/Olorisha Cultural group led by Chief Mrs. Ebudola Adekoya performed excellently while  entertaining the invited guests that came from far and near to grace the occasion which took place on Friday, 25th, August 2023 at Ago-Iwoye City Stadium, a project facilitated by Aremo Adekoya.

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