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Thursday, June 15, 2023


Woman Sentenced To 29 years Imprisonment For Raping 8-Year-Old Boy

By Our Correspondent
A middle aged woman, Desderia Mbwelwa, has been sentenced to 29 years imprisonment for raping an eight years old boy.

The Tanzanian court, last Friday found the 57 years old woman who not only raped the boy, but allegedly gave him a sexually transmitted disease guilty.

According to reports, the lady found the boy herding cattle in one of the villages in southern district of Iringa. After discovering he was alone, she sexually assaulted him under a tree.

Five witnesses including a doctor who examined the boy, confirmed that the boy sustained injuries and contracted sexual infections due to contamination in his genital area.

Mbwelwa’s lawyer, Frank Mwela, said they will appeal the judgement arguing that the lady has not been tested to confirm if she has sexual infection

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