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Saturday, May 13, 2023

30-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth After 6-Year ‘Pregnancy’

By Marvelous Omoboriowo, Abeokuta

 A 30-year-old woman Oluwaseun Bolatito has gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday, After when she had been carry pregnancy for six years and some months.

Oluwaseun christened the child “Anuoluwa”, meaning God’s mercy.

The Founder of Light Evangelical House of God in Oshodi, Lagos, Elder Michael Bako where Oluwaseun worshipped since 2018 after she discovered she had been “pregnant for over a year”, confirmed the development, especially the role he played.

Elder Michael Bako revealed that Oluwaseun started worshipping at his church in 2018 and she gave birth to a baby girls on Saturday 7th of may, 2023.

He said: “She was pregnant for over six years and was unable to give birth during that period.

“It was the issue that lead her to this church,” he said.

However, Oluwaseun, who said she had been subjected to mockery in her neighbourhood, went into labour on Friday night and was delivered of a baby girl on Saturday at Anu Olu Convalescent Maternity Home in Mafoluku area of Oshodi.

It was learned that when the news of her baby’s birth reached her community, people rushed to the hospital to see for themselves.

However, a medical expert that does not want to be named, told Vanguard that it could be a case of fibroid.

However, the medical personnel advised an examination by a professional to ascertain what really happened.

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