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Friday, April 14, 2023

Breaking: Unknown Gunmen Kidnap Two Women in Wasinmi, Demand 10M Ransom

Prophet Sunday

By Damilola Ajibade, Kehinde Bamigbopa, Ojelabi Kayode, Khairat Yusuf, Esther Oyediran, Rihanat sosan, Olufayo Esther, Abidat, Wasinmi

Two women have been kidnapped in a church during a vigil at Wasinmi by unknown gunmen who invaded Owutedo community at Wasinmi in of Ewekoro Local Government Ogun
Frontage of the church

             The unexpected incident happened in Wasimi around 1:10am in the early hours of this morning at Cherubum & Seraphim Church, Orisun Ayo Parish Opposite Owu College of Management Technology, along Ogbere road, Wasinmi, Ewekoro Local Government,Ogun State.

       According to Prophet Samuel, he said that he noticed a gathering outside the church during the vigil program.  Immediately he rushed to check the people outside,  he also noticed that there were being ambushed by unknown armed men.
    He further explained, that 5 of the gunmen entered the church forcefully and demanded for the prophet in charge. 

Unfortunately, the church was holding their first  Vigil before their annual harvest after the length period. prophet Samuel said he came out and told them that the prophet was late but they didn't believe him. 

 Prophetess Mrs Sandra defensive of the members came  forward trembling because she didn't want any harm from the unknown men to the congregation. The unknown men later asked Mr SAMUEL to change his clothes from garment to a black cloth which was given to him by one of the men.

   Hereafter, one after the other, they were asked their father's occupation.

They sat with the congregation in the church for two hours. they wined and dined, tore the HOLY BIBLE and used it to clean a stained oil from their mouth said by the withess Mr Samuel.

        According to our correspondence, Kolawole Olayinka, he asked the witness (the prophet in charge) Mr Samuel if they were harm at any point. The prophet said thst they were only beaten with cutlass and threaten with guns . 
  He concluded that 3 women were taken captive, and later, one was released. The two kidnapped women happen to be prophetess Sandra and Adefulore Omolola a student Owu College of Management Technology Wasinmi in the department of Mass Communication Department.

 As at now, the perpetrators have been calling, demanding for the sum of 10million naira for the two victims kidnapped during vigil program.

Meanwhile, this we be a second time of the kidnapping in Wasinmi a year. And he added that the incident has reports at Itori police division for proper surveillance.

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