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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Peter Obi of LP has finally spoken to his Supporters &.Nigerians in a Live Televised Press Conference

By Our Correspondent

Obi made Categoric Definitive statements that the Election Process was Rigged, he had Overwelming Support in the Elections & INEC Colluded to Supress LP Votes & Steal his Victory .

He went on to say that INEC Chairman Prof Yakubu Reneged on his Promise to Deliver a Free & Fair Election Processes,  Declaring  that he Won the 2023 Gen Elections and will be seeking to have his Mandate Restored through Legal Redress via the  Courts . 

_What Arrogance for a Candidate that came 3rd not even 2nd with only 25% or more of the votes in only 17 states_ 

When the *statutory minimum requirement is 25% or more spread in 24 states.* Meaning Obi is short by 7 states. 

Is Nigeria having it's Maga Trump Moments from LP & PDP in a Coalition of the Defeated seeking to gain Victory as Supreme Court President via the Back door we've seen this before at State Level. 

Gratifyingly Obi has asked the Youth & his Disillusioned Youth to stay Calm and maintain hope that he will stay the Course till the Mandate of his Victory is Redtored. He also said he will answer questions relating to Evidence to back up his Claims at the Tribunal.

We now know there is a Clear Distinction between PDP & LP in that PDP insist the Elections are a Sham and there should be Rerun. 

They are not even saying PDP won the Elections, but are in agreement with all Nigerians that there were Anomolies with the BVAS system specifically in relation to Electronic Transmission of Redults and Prof Yakubu's Inability to keep to his Promise.

We await Atiku's Press Confrence. Why is he always playing Catchup, I guess it could be due to Old age. PDPians wake up. 

PDP may still be in Disarray as they hoped there was going to be a Union of the Defeated to form LPDP, but Obi has Shatterd that Notion with his Press Conference

Which does not appear to be Coordinated with Atiku. I hope this isnt Personal. In effect so each SidePDP & LP will now fight their own Selarate Battles as they see fit, collaborating where necessary. 

They Clearly  have different Conflicting Agenda's The Intriques Continue we have State Governorship & Legislature Elections 11 Mar Obi used the Opportunity to rally the Troops towards these Elections. Im sure Dele Alake & APC's Team will Respond to Obi in due course,   

Nigerians are waiting Patiently to hear from Atiku, it's not too late your words matter and may be Pivotal to your Parties Performance in upcoming State Elections.

For Good Measure Prof Yakubu also needs to come out & Soeak to Nigerians ASAP to Explain INEC's Process Failures & Explain what was his Actual Promise, whether he has Reneged on them in regard to the Electronic Transmission of Votes via BVAS & its role in our Electoral Procedures..

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