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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Peter Obi lacks unifying qualities - Senator Dino Melaye

By Toyin Olotuyemi, Abeokuta

Senator Dino Melaye, a well-known Nigerian politician and official spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party's (PDP) Presidential Campaign Council, has accused Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, of lacking unifying qualities. According to Senator Melaye, Obi's legal team is made up solely of Igbo people, which demonstrates his lack of unifying abilities.

Comments: When we talked of the inherent tribal sentiment with this particular section of the country people often think it's an issue of hatred but having left with them and look at their disposition you will understand who they are and what they stand for any time any day 

An average Igbo man is beclouded with tribal sentiment to the extent that even at Secondary Schools they discriminate against Non-Igbo. If you are not of Igbo descent they wouldn't give you the Senior Prefect, irrespective of how brilliant or qualified such a person could be or is, your being an Igbo is a major consideration.

Do you know that the 3 eastern States of Abia, Enugu and Imo have a Non-Indigenous Policy? In as much as you are not a citizen of that state, the law is against you being employed into their civil service commission - it's legally instituted as a law. 

Also, no free education in any eastern State that is inclusive of non-indigenous students. Today, no political office holder(s) in the 5 eastern States either elected or appointed that is not of Igbo descent. In fact, the Igbo-centric do not allow any Igbo-woman married to a non-igbo to represent their political constituents 

The speak more than any other tribes in Nigeria about discrimination, tribalism, stigmatization, segregation etc. as being a victim but when you pay a closer attention you discover that they are at the forefront of those practices that impaired on the unity and oneness of the country Nigeria.

How do you explained the fact that the 2 major political parties in Nigeria couldn't obtain 20% votes in the South East? With the fact that the other 2 parties have also the other tribes as their candidates. They took the path of tribe and kinsman in voting pattern which is not demonstrated by the other 2 major ethnic group that were also represented in the elections. 

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