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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Voting Tinubu as President is second slavery for Yorubas – Okurounmu

By Our Correspondent

Vocal Senator and elderstateman, Dr Femi Okurounmu has posited that a Tinubu Presidency will spell doom for the Yoruba people and most likely nail the future of the South West people of Nigeria.

To the Afenifere chieftain, the current pitiable “slave” treatment being meted out to Yoruba people under the ongoing eight year Buhari regime occasioned by Fulanization might continue unend should the All Progressive Party (APC) candidate become President.

He therefore counselled them not to be hoodwinked by the heavy and money-induced propaganda machinery of Tinubu’s foot soldiers which would only continue to perpetuate the current misrule by those currently in power.

Okurounmu spoke during an online interactive current affairs programme, Boiling Point Arena transmitted live on Oodua 99.9FM and connected to other social media platforms.

The popular Boiling Point Arena is the brainchild of the Initiator and Convener, Mr Ayo Arowojolu, a seasoned media Professional. The topic of discourse was: “The Current State of Nigeria and The Gathering Political Storm”.

Said Dr Okurounmu: “Tinubu has become a problem to everybody. He has no genuine interest for the Yoruba people. Voting for him will plunge Yoruba in second slavery. He is even making frantic efforts to divide Afenifere.

“When the armed herdsmen were killing our people in their farmlands and in their villages, Tinubu did not say a word. When ENDSARS protesters were at Lekki and they brought soldiers who mercilessly killed our youths, Tinubu did not say a word. When Yorubas were complaining about insecurity and killings and Igboho came up in defence of his people, Tinubu kept silence.

“Tinubu is the reason why there is no Amotekun in Lagos presently like other Yoruba states.

“Tinubu is the reason why Nigeria is in this current mess. He foisted Buhari on the nation. The Buhari that Tinubu supported was the same Buhari that took over power from the democratically elected government in 1984 and harangued virtually all Yoruba politicians including Chief Obafemi Awolowo in prison.”

In the opinion of the elderstateman, Yoruba interest would be best served by voting in Mr Peter Obi as President whom he said has become a natural and spontaneous third Force capable of repositioning Nigeria to take back her once enviable position as Giant of Africa.

According to Okurounmu, the Third Force movement around Mr Obi is God’s divine agenda to liberate Nigerians who are already pushed to the walls.

“Our people have been pushed to the walls and until they mobilize themselves to take the future of Nigerians into their own hands. Things have gone so bad that even the person who’s blind can see that this is not the Nigeria they want to come back home because they might not get back in one-piece.”

He noted that for Nigeria to be ‘liberated’, the youths will need to mobilize and gather themselves into a formidable force to take power from ‘corrupt, selfish and oppressive elders’.

Okurounmu added: “Nigerians will only liberate themselves when the youths gather themselves. I have always spoken that the future belongs to the youths, that until the youths gather themselves and mobilize themselves and form themselves into a formidable force to take power from these elders, these corrupt elders, these selfish elders, from these oppressive elders that there will be no future for Nigeria.”

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