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Friday, January 6, 2023

Tinubu's Dance Buga Music To Challenge Opponent In Benin City

By Afolasade Owotutu, Abeokuta

This is how I would start today's news if I were a sports broadcaster: "Yesterday was a great day for Team APC as they advanced further in the league standings by thrashing the opponents once again in far-off Benin City, where they put on a stellar display."

The APC shut down Benin City in its presidential campaign yesterday, and it was a fantastic outing in which not only did the Jagaban meet a massive crowd of well-wishers, but he also opened fire on the opposition, finally giving them a dose of their own negative perception.

As if tormenting the opposition wasn't enough, Tinubu later posted a fantastic photo of himself participating in the Buga dance challenge at the event on his social media page, making millions of his followers happy and perhaps in agony of his critics.

Like we observed at the rally ground in Benin City some group of people were heard saying "no be this fresh man dem dey say dey sick? (Referring to Tinubu) Abegi bad belle, see as Tinubu full ground, fine fresh, YANGA YANGA"

We noticed that Tinubu's rigorous campaigns, such as standing for four hours in an open roof bus in Kano before getting to the Stadium, to the rigours of being ferried to the stage in the midst of millions of ethussiatc supporters, then arriving Benin City at 11 p.m. at night to attend another rally in Benin City by 11 a.m. the next day, demonstrate his excellent health status.

If you're not a hater, how can this awesome picture of Tinubu doing the Buga Dance challenge not make you smile? Tinubu is doing exceptionally well.

"You don work you don try try..You suppose to dey j'aiye j'aiye
Kilo kan mi kan person matter o...Person wey don mad oy
When I land I land softly on a sofa floor...So far so good koni baje o
Let me see you (Go low low low)...Buga wọn"

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