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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Regardless of what comes out ouf our Presidential Candidates mouths what are the Facts

By Femi  Oke 

Obi is less Qualified than Tinubu and Atiku. He is a 'Political Dictator' demanding Obidience ike his PDP Edo Govr Counterpart Obaseki, who continues to block Hse of Assembly members sitting in Edo. 

Obi never had any Local Govt Elections. During his Tenure as Govr of Anambra, the Collection of Govt Taxes became a Racketeering Cult & Hoodlums Affair.

With less than 90 days to the 2023 Gen Elections we don't have a Labour party Obidient Manifesto.  The Electorate must keep Guessing where is the Real Socialist Labour Party Agenda?

With Regards Tinubu it is widely reported what Tinubu achieved in Lagos with his much Publicised Lagos Template that is still being Pursued since 1999 as Governance in Lagos is a Continuum. 

We know how Internal Revenues Increased Dramatically & were generated to Develop Lagos under Tinubu; who Obidients refer to as *Thiefinubu*, Regardless of the alleged shortcomings of Alpha Beta & the Racketeering of NURTW APC's Political Henchmen

As for Local Govt Administration we saw how Tinubu deepened Local Govt Democracy & Administration Creating more LCDA's bringing Govt Closer to the people of Lagos; the Fastest growing state in Nigeria, despite Atiku's Fed PDP Govt withholding Lagos Local Govt Finances for 8yrs.

As for Atiku he benefits as being part of 8yrs of OBJ's Successes as well as it's Failings during which time our Infrastructure Deficit Expanded despite great Revenues & Sale of Fed Assets that were Plundered under Atiku's Supervision 

As for Atiku *the Forever Candidate's* Democratic Tendencies, don't forget it was the same OBJ/ATIKU PDP Admin that Delivered  in 2007 the Worst, Most Rigged Elections in our Political History Admitted by late Pres Yar'Adua

Isn't it time to Celebrate Meritocracy instead of Mediocrity in Nigeria. What's your view? Please Share thanks

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