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Monday, July 18, 2022

Peter Obi is brain behind ENDSARS protest – Lai Mohammed claims

By Our Correspondent

   The recent development has now unveiled the brain behind ENDSARS Protest in Nigeria which led to the destruction of Government properties and security agencies loosing their lives." "

Over the years now, investigation has been going on in order to unveil those behind this wicked act just to tarnish the good image of President Muhammadu Buhari and his good works." 

 "Mostly all the people and the misguided youths who championed the ENDSARS Protest are all campaigning for Peter Obi for President. All of them, no exception." 

That will go along way in telling you that Peter Obi knows much about ENDSARS Protest and those behind that ugly act must be brought to book to face disciplinary actions." 

 "Go online today, every youth that participated in the protest are all campaigning for Peter Obi. I can categorically tell Nigerians that Peter Obi masterminded the protest in order to gain ground and favour for his Presidential ambition but unfortunately for him, it didn't work as our government can never give in to cheap blackmail."

 "We have achieved alot and no individual can destroy what we have achieved with propaganda and blackmail. Come 2023, Nigerians are ready to disgrace him at the poll for masterminding the ugly protest that nearly destroyed Nigeria." 

 "No Party can do what we have done in Nigeria for the past Seven and half years now. We have achieved alot that is why we have to continue in order to bring more dividends of democracy to Nigerians."

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