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Friday, July 8, 2022

Critical allout from Kuje Prison Break, Escaped Criminals & Terrorists

Critical allout from Kuje Prison Break, Escaped Criminals & Terrorists

By Jumoke Adeogun, Abeokuta

In a Country serious about Security all the Media Outlets News Papers, Radio, TV & Social Media whould have the Full list of all the Escaped Prisoners from all the recent Jail Breaks with their Mug Shot Pictures names & aliases.

Rewards whould be raised for information leading to the Apprehension & Arrest of all or at least he Top 100 most wanted Escapees

As an Ardent APC Member & Supporter of PMB I Acknowledge Nigerians are Truly Fed up.of a Govt Elected and headed by a Gen who ought to take matters of Security Very Seriously considering the Worsening state of Insecurity.

If President Buhari was Oblivious as to the Seriousness of the state of Insecurity in Nigeria he knows the reality of Insecurity facing Ordinary Nigerians following the attack on his Presidential Advance Party Motorcade in his home state Katsina.

The Attacks on our Prisons & Release of thousands  of our most dangerous Terrorists & Criminals all across Nigeria is Unprecedented evidence of the Dismal state of our Security infrastructure that is clearly not fit for purpose. Why is Babagana Monguno still there after Buhari"sCabinet reshuffle 

Why is the Interiaor Minister Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Comptroller General of Prisons Haliru Hababa & Prison Governors have not been Fired and Complicit Prison Officers not Arrested and Prosecuted is further Evidence of the lack of seriousness of our Security Agencies and the lack.of any Serious Probity either by President Buhari who appointed them or those in the Legislature whose job it is to Ivestigate this mess.

Those who Vilify Buhari for this mess do so as he is at the Pinnacle & Responsible for all that is wrong in Nigeria. The Office of President of Nigeria is a Poisenrd Chalice meant fir the Syrong and Capable, why Old men insist in carrying it on their headis is  beyond me 

Fact you do not have to be in the Military, Security Services, Police or Prison Services to know that all Police Stations, Prisons & all Critical Security & Govt Infrastructure must have 24hrs CCTV

All Prisoners must be Identified with Biometrics full disclosure to the public must be available within hours of their escape so all Nigerians can come together to help end this attack on Nigeria.

If you don't know already following ISWAPS acknowledgement of its Attacks on Nigeria that these attacks are not by Nigerians but by outsiders who aim to destroy Nigeria & Nigerian Unity.

The Only answer is for us to stop the Devisive Debates and Join Hands to Defeat these Enemies of Nigerians, there should be No hiding place for them.

First step demand from Buhari, NSA, Min of Interior, the Comptroller Gen of Prisons the full Details of all Escaped Prisoners, Criminals & Terrorists so Nigerians can work together to Apprehend them before they commit more Dastardly Atrocities. We are watching.

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