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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Tinubu, Osinbajo, Amosun and Dapo Abiodun - PART 2

By Our Correspondent

Another interesting part was when DA himself approached the Osinbajo that he will be needing funds for the election and he would be needing the support of the VP. This didn't go down well with the VP. The VP again and for the last time approached Oshiomole that if there is any way names could be substituted to give peace and bring Amosun's candidate who has financial back up on board but the chairman refused vehemently. Words got to Asiwaju and Akinrogun Osoba again whom both at different times provided a total financial war chest of over N2bn!!! Yes you heard me right over 2 BILLION NAIRA!!!

Akinrogun Osoba through Corporate Sector Support (CSS) also got DA a financial support of over N1bn!!! While Asiwaju via Oshimole officially released N800m for DA's election. The VP only actively gave support during the election when every other things has been sorted by Asiwaju with Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola popularly calledYayi's providing structure. Osinbajo was only in charge of the security architecture. He actually played that part so so well. 

So when the VP came to meet delegates and party stakeholders in Ogun State in April, DA for whatever reason chose to rewrite history and decided to throw past genuine efforts into the dust bin.

 He said to the delegates and party stakeholders that the VP was the reason why he's a Governor today while denigrating his main benefactor, and he's saying this because he's aware that some of the delegates and stakeholder have AMNESIA!(in his word).

For every action, there is always an opposite reaction. Asiwaju needs to set the record straight. He's human. He feels betrayed. This same steadfastness of Oshiomole on this DA's primary cost him his position. That's a huge sacrifice for the Governor to rubbish. "Eleyi" is one of the least ways Asiwaju could have used to describe someone that threw sacrifices of so many into the thrash can without even blinking!

This is politics! Osinbajo didn't contribute a dime! The only name Oshiomole forwarded for political appointment was thrown into the thrash bin by the Governor. That person is a politician from Ogun state too. This was one of the major reasons why Amosun also destroyed Adeosun.

Lastly, before anyone reacts to Tinubu's statement in Abeokuta, be sure you know the story behind it. The fact! 

Yoruba will say "Isoro ni igbesi".

Akanni Oladimeji Balogun

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