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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Your 2023 Defeat'll Be Worse – Oyo PDP Carpets Adelabu, Folarin Over Comments At Guber Declaration

By Our Correspondent

The ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Oyo state today replied to unprovoked derogatory comments by the duo of Bayo Adelabu and Senator Teslim Folarin at their respective governorship declaration events held in Ibadan on Monday and Tuesday maintaining that 2023 election defeat to Governor Seyi Makinde would be worse than 2019.

Oyo state PDP described Adelabu and Folarin's comments against Governor Seyi Makinde as mere outbursts of desperate power thirty politicians aimed at motivating their demoralized loyalists who are still bewildered by the unexpected and unprecedented success recorded within less than three years in office.

A statement by the state Publicity Secretary of PDP in Oyo state, Akeem Olatunji on Thursday May 12 cautioned Adelabu and Folarin against reckless and unguarded utterances against the Governor in the name of politicking even as the political build up ahead of 2023 continues to heighten up.

According to the PDP in Oyo state, Adelabu and Folarin have clearly shown the depth of their political ignorance and naivety with what was called show of shame by failing to take advantage of their declaration to market themselves to the people but rather resorted to personality and individual attack against the person of Governor Makinde who's success in office as governor has since become a benchmark for good governance in the entire country.

The ruling party in its press statement said the All Progressives Congress in the state is reputable for sheer false propaganda and can not be taken seriously by any serious minded Nigerian regardless of how loud the party tries to engage in personality attacks instead of political campaigns.

While warning against campaign of calumny capable of heating up the polity, the ruling party advised Adelabu to be wary of praise singers and bootlickers surrounding him and also deceiving him on the alter of individual throats. The party stressed that 'Penkele' as he is popularly known is only surrounded by political rookies.

The party also wondered how Seyi Makinde who is too busy fulfilling his mandate as the Governor has suddenly become the nightmare of both Adelabu and Folarin who should focus on first getting the APC ticket to contest in the general election noting that only political ignoramus with untamed desperation for power channels energy, time and resources to jump guns instead first crossing the first all important political huddle.

The PDP's statement read, "It is sad and very pathetic that Nigeria's political space in the state is experiencing such shameful dance of macabre by those who should continue to beg for forgiveness from the good people of Oyo state upon which undeserved terror and unspeakable hardship were unleashed for eight uninterrupted years.

"It is ridiculously fascinating if not funny to state that such abnormality in our political setting can only be sustained in an environment like ours where desperate and power thirsty politicians take full advantage of political orphans gasping for air for survival so much that they don't care even if Satan comes out of hell to declare for governorship seat on the platform of the APC.

"It is even more amusing that political ignoramus like Adelabu and Folarin have continued to pick the wrong political fight at the wrong time because any informed and sound politician must know that before you even stand a chance to contest an election, you must first have your party's mandate in your hand. It is therefore, rather hilarious to note that rather than selling themselves to their party to secure their party ticket they're busy attacking Seyi Makinde who's success in less than three years has since been the benchmark for good governance in the whole of Nigeria.

"For the sake of political education, Adelabu and Folarin should first secure their party's mandate or how do we explain a situation where aspirants go to their respective governorship declaration venues to attack a performing governor with sheer falsehood instead of telling the world and their party stakeholders what they have, if any, to offer, different from the unrivaled failure APC recorded for eight requiring total forgiveness from the good people of the state.

"Adelabu kept screaming prompt payment of salaries is not an achievement but as a member of the last administration, failed to explain to the world why not only civil servants but also pensioners and retirees were made to suffer delibrate refusal to pay same salaries for over a year thereby mocking the state workforce and turning them to beggars in their own state while others died while pursuing what rightly belongs to them.

"Penkele said Makinde's government has achieved nothing in education. It is obvious he still lives in self denial of obvious reality and delusion because combined force of Late Ajimobi as governor and Tinubu as the pro-chancellor of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology of Technology (LAUTECH) for eight whole years could not achieve what Governor Makinde has achieved with acquisition of sole ownership, adequate funding, improved course accreditation and others still counting all under three years.

"Penkele further affirmed his unbridled desperation and political nativity when he alleged Makinde for completing uncompleted projects of the last administration. That further proves to the world what calibre of political neophyte he is because any informed politician knows that new government inherits both assets and liabilities and it takes only a genuine leader with clear blueprints like Governor Makinde who has greatly reduced wastage by completing uncompleted works before starting new ones.

"Even visually and hearing impaired persons know a cheap lie told for the fun of it just to be seen to be talking in the absence of nothing to say that Makinde's education policy and programs for public primary and secondary schools have not yielded results when in actual fact Oyo state has moved in qualityative education rating from 26 as inherited from APC government out of 36 in the country to 11 as we speak under Governor Makinde, while out of school children have continued to reduce drastically because of the free, quality, and compulsory education for every child policy.

"Our Professor 'Pakute setter and propounder of 'jagba politics' of Oyo state, Teslim Folarin shamelessly accused Governor Makinde of insecurity in the state but failed to perform his primary duty of representation by channeling same energy to the APC led government in the red chambers as his other colleagues like Senator Smart Adeyemi and others who against partisan politics rose against the failure of the FG in defense of their people in their various state as a result of the politically motivated insecurity in the country.

"Folarin and Adelabu also accused Makinde of appointing Alhaji Mukaila Lamidi popularly known as Auxiliary as the Chairman, Oyo State Park Management System but failed to mention that both Ondo state and Lagos states have adopted Makinde's template in their various states. It is not new to try to demarket your perceived political threat but this level of low that we currently witness is bewildering in our dear Oyo state.

"We can go on and on trying to educate these political rookies with unrestrained desperation for power but again we must enlighten them to pick up their party ticket first before we take it from here otherwise replying them with the same energy would mean sheep following pigs into the swamp for food." The Oyo state PDP stated.

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