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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Omola of Imala Celebrates 17th Years On The Throne, with Launching of Imala Digital Tech Hub

By Adenike Olorode, Abeokuta

His Royal Majesty Oba (Dr) Apostle Moses Adelani Adegboyega Olabode (min) (Odunfa II), Omola of Imala land  Celebrates 17th years on the throne of his forefathers in good health with the Launching of Imala Digital Tech Hub Center......

Highlights of the 17th Coronation Anniversary of Oba Apostle Olabode include Joint prayer of the Imala muslim Community and special interdenominational thanks giving service and special rendition from Imala Grammar School students.

According to His Royal Majesty Oba Dr Apostle Adelani Moses Olabode, "I appreciate God Almighty over my Community, family and my life to be able to sustain this throne for the past 17th years without any calamity."

The monarch described the Journey of 17th years on throne of his forefathers as the Journey of Israelites in the wilderness who despite all the difficulties  they face were determined to get to their promised land because God was with them. He liken his Journey to the throne as God's desire and will.

The Kabiyesi said, "I've invited the God of my fathers, The God of the Son and God of Holy Spirit into the Journey since the day I was installed as Omola of Imala land"

Continuing, he said that  God  has been wonderful to  him, for blessing him (monarch and the community) with divine  connection and support over Imala and his neighbouring Communities. 

He said further that this year anniversary didn't carry any invitation, it was designed that way because we want to address issues that concern the entire Imala community and its residents. He pointed out  also that those people who are not dwelling among must not know their weaknesses as a people rather they (aliens) should be made to see  their strenth.

He charged the entire sons and daughters of Imala to love one another they celebrate the 17th coronation anniversary.

Also, Dr Henry Ighalo, congratulates the Kabiyesi on is successful reign for the past 17th years on the throne of his forefathers. 

The Monarch went further to  appreciate the 'DEN' Daniel, Esther and Nehemiah group for their donations to support the completion of Imala Digital Hall (IDH) and their sponsor towards the 2022 Imala crusade

He also announced others donations
Mr adedokun Odunyemi, MD NIIT Lagos, 5 desktop computer and including the network total 2 million naira, lawyer to CDF in Imala 2 brand new computer worth 500,000.00 5 hundred thousand, 

In addition, he pleaded for more assistance. Saying that they still need 15th more computers before they can start operations.

While the official Commissioning and registration will commence in the month of June 2022.

cross section of Imala council of Baale

Dr Henry Ighalo received cash donations from Daniel, Esther and Nehemiah Foundation.

Imala theater group in Action

Some of the new Chiefs

Cross section of the high table

Student of JSCCF in action

The Adegbite Family from descendant from Staple Community

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