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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Music star, Yinka Rythmz appreciates fans and friends with new 'Single'

Music star and philanthropist, Chief Yinka Rythmz, is one of the Nigerian-born singers rocking the entertainment world in the diaspora. 

The handsome and humble dude has taken his Time to appreciate families, friends, fans, and well-wishers In The New Rhythmic and groovy Afro captivating Single and the official music video titled 'The Appreciation (MEMOIR)' 

While speaking with reporters, Chief Yinka Rythmz who is also the 'Apase of West Coast', said the 'Appreciation' would be released from the stable of the Apase of West Coast, the CEO of I'm Somebody Foundation, and Rashan Music International on 8th May, 2022.

He stressed further that on the weekend of Feb 4th, 2022, families, friends, fans and all well-wishers gathered together to celebrate Yinka Rythmz's birthday which has always been on February 2nd, In the beautiful city of fabulous Las-Vegas. It was a 3 days Celebration of Extravaganza 

In his words, he said 
"On the 1st week of May 2022, Yinka Rythmz will drop a new Single with its official music video acknowledging every single guest and well-wishers that were in attendance at the 3-Day festivities. 

"It’s a super vulnerable song that appreciates my past and present. 
I want to appreciate my blessings now and give others their flowers to smell as we journey through life together."

The song itself is executively produced by Rashan Music International in collaboration with Top Dreams Universal. The Appreciation (Memoir) was recorded in Maryland, USA.
The Musical Video was shot and edited by the Multi-Award winning international Duo, Mr. Temitope a.k.a Africano Media, and was directed by OSM production, Oluwasegun Oyegbile who also produced the new single.

The new song "The Appreciation (Memoir)'s" description starts with a headline that sums up what you can expect from the new single and its video. 

The description fills us in on what the new single and its video represents, The Distinct Sound of Fuji in Yinka Rythmz's voice infused with the new school Afrobeats and Afro cultural sound gave 'Yinka Rythmz Birthday Appreciation (MEMOIR)' to stand out. 

I hope you take time to relax and enjoy it as much as it was a moment of unforgettable memories for Yinka Rythmz, and it was a moment of unexplainable and unexpected feelings of fulfillment, gratitude, and appreciation. He noted

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