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Sunday, May 15, 2022

First Baptist Church Ilu Ata Ilaro, Honours Serving Deacon's & Deaconess

By Olayinka Olanrewaju, Ilaro

It was a jubilation moment at first Baptist Church Ilu Ata, Ilaro when the church authority appreciate there Deacon's and Deaconess for their tremendous contributions to o the God work in Ilaro.

According to Deacon Micheal Atanda Olayinka, who has been ordained as a Deacon since 1993 by the late Rev. Lawrence O Nasiru of a blessed memory, who was the minister charge of First Baptist Church Ilaro, ordained him with Dn Olurin, Dn Fadipe, Dns Shofolahan and other.

He blessed God for the grace given to him be alive today and witness this Celebration. He said, nothing is too small to appreciate there good deed.

"He said, we are very happy to receive this from our Church, First Baptist Church Ilu Ata, quarter Ilaro, for honouring us with a plaque and we shall continue to do our best to towards the growth of his kingdom.

While praying that the God Almighty will continue to uphold the church and 

Deacom Michael Atanda Olayinka Receiving the award of Appreciation from the Minister of First Baptist Church Ilu Ata Ilaro,

Deacon M A Olayinka and DN Ayelabowo during the ceremony

Cross section of Deacon and Deaconess

L-R, Dn M.A Olayinka, Dns Bankole, Dns Olurin, Dns Olawoyin, Dn Fadipe and Dns Shofolahan.

 Dn I O Olurin, Dn Ayelabowo and DN Olayinka

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