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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Breaking: I am not interested in becoming the Vice to Atiku - Nyesom Wike

By Our Correspondent

 Former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential aspirants in the just concluded party primaries in Abuja Nyesom Wike has declared that his not interested in becoming the Vice to Atiku.

Nyesom Wike stated this during a get together organised to welcome him back to Rivers State.

PDP Presidential aspirants said,"I am not interested in becoming the Vice to Atiku. Tambuwal did not betray me like my neighboring brothers. PDP will win the election and i will be President of Nigeria by 2023.

He said, "According to our Electoral Law, a contestant must vote, and be voted for. I am not ignorant of the law."  

Chief (Barr) Ezenwo Nyesom Wike.
PDP flag might  squarely be with Wike. These are the reasons:

" PDP NWC made a fundamental mistake by not amending the party constitution when it decided to throw away zoning and throw the contest open. The NWC decision cannot nullify the party constitution on rotation between the North and South. Whoever emerged from the north zone under this arrangement will be disqualified by the court. Since at the last election the party zoned the Presidency to the North and no southerner participated".

" After Amaechi/Omehia replacement by the Supreme court the electoral process has been amended to require whoever will be replaced by the court to follow the primary electoral process to the end. Otherwise the court cannot replace the party flag bearer with another person. So it was imperative that Wike contest the process to the end. More importantly get the highest votes amongst the southern candidates". 

3"With the present position of Wike in the contest, he is in a position to successfully challenge in court the outcome of the party primaries. Wike cannot leave PDP now he MUST remain in PDP and seek court interpretation of the PDP zoning in the party constitution against the NWC decision to throw it open. I believe the party constitution is supreme to the NWC decision". 

Lastly, it does not matter if PDP submits Atiku's name to INEC, the courts will decide who the authentic PDP flag bearer is also. Amaechi/Omehia. 
It was a very good day for Wike. The scheming by the north was something we knew will happen so it was no surprise.  
The court will decide the final outcome of the primaries.

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