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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Fola Salami For Ifo II State Assembly, Tested And Trusted

By Our Correspondent

My word is my bond I'm pleased to inform you of my intention to contest for the seat of Ifo constituency II State Assembly, under the flagship of the All Progressives Congress, APC My intention and aspiration is born out of dire-need, desire and calls from friends, families, political associates, mentors, followers, community development council stakeholders amongst others to be a voice that will usher Ifo constituency II into a new era of prosperity and infrastructural breakthrough. 

 My Agenda is to first of all represent with the fear of God through listening to the plights of my constituents and passing same to the appropriate for urgent actions, sponsorship of people oriented bills, facilitation of 21st century digital skill set and embarking of oversight functions that will lead to easy delivery of government projects. My plan is to use my office to lobby for the best in the most populated constituency in Ogun state. 

We shall make relevant stakeholders understand why Ifo II State constituency need a better deal going forward. We shall not be a bench warmer in the House, but a proud speaker and a voice of the downtrodden taking pains and agony to where they'd be solved. 

We shall not only speak in the House we shall also lobby other Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) in ensuring that our voice isn't just heard in the house but in various, MDAs The youth, women, and the aged are top of our agenda.

 Having spent virtually all my life in this constituency and having served deservingly well as the transition chairman of Ifo Local Government with a year and few months, the problems and solutions have long be identified and worked on before our exit in office.

 So I beseech my party members, leaders and stakeholders to support me to become the party flag bearer ahead of the 2023 Gubernatorial and house of Assembly election, so as to move Ifo II state constituency to enviable heights among contemporaries. 

 We are indeed lagging behind in many social economic, political permutations including infrastructure yet we have a the most distinct competitive economic advantage. 

We shall express our concerns and I believe with the help of God We hope to achieve a focused and qualitative governance that carries everyone along without any fear or favour to any group. 

 All of this I have thought about and bearing the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat that could arise in the discharge of my duties if elected. 

 During our little span as the council I was about to touch all sector that are basic to the populace, things ranged from provision of pipeborne water, construction of elementary schools, rehabilitation and construction of Primary Health CareCentres, grading of street roads, amongst others. 

 Like we did at the council for 16months and didn't fail in delivering our on our mandate for the council workers, the people and the government we shall continue on that light in much bigger way. I

 therefore call on all and sundry to join me on this journey to the emancipation of dear constituency into becoming envy of all among equals.

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