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Friday, April 22, 2022

Am ready to fulfill all Electoral promises

By Our Correspondent

  An aspirant into Ogun State House of Assembly in Obafemi-Owode State Constituency, Hon. Sulaimon Mujaid Ajibola has inspected the areas in which he intended to sink boreholes and renovation of primary School. 

 Hon. Ajibola, Engineer and some of his Coordinators had visited Oduro village in Ajebo Ward and Megi Alagada primary school in Oba Ward in preparation for the work to commence. 

He explained to them that work would commence from any moment nevertheless urged the dwellers to accommodate the workers that will work there. 

 At Oduro village, the regent Baale, Chief Lamidi Tajudeen thanked him; urged the aspirant to expedite actions on the promise made for the villagers that if the provision was eventually fufilled he promised on behalf of the villagers dwelling in would rally round him to win the ambitious Ogun House of Assembly Seat in Obafemi-Owode State Constituency. 

In response, an aspirant, Hon. Ajibola professed that he had done quatum of such within Obafemi-Owode LGA. 

He re-affirmed, promised that two boreholes has been promised by him to be sank in Agbari Ake in Obafemi Ward and Oduro village in Ajebo Ward as well as renovation of primary School at Meggi Alagada primary school in Oba Ward. 

Addressed in faith that soonest, he would visit Agbari Ake to know the actual geo-landspace where its borehole will be sank.

Ajibola, however appealed to them that during the electioneering, they should support him and as well vote for him cum 2023 OGHA 2023.

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