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Saturday, April 9, 2022

AbdulRazaq: The dauntless Governor of Kwara State

By Femi Ogunshola

Though he looks unusually reserved, an extreme introvert whose demeanor could be mistaken for a mere civil servant, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has no doubt carved a niche for himself in governance.

My first encountered with Gov. AbdulRazaq was in Abuja in 2018 when Sen. Suleiman Ajadi, myself and two others went to his Asorock villa house to pick him for an onward meeting with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in his Lagos Asokoro home, in the wake of their defection to the All Progressives Congress from the People's Democratic Party.

To the surprise of many keen observers, a man seen as an unrepentant introvert whose tenure may be without direction has suddenly become daring and unconventional, deploying his executive prowess to confront and dismantle the political hegemony that had before now reduced Kwara to a conquered fiefdom, holding it in the jugular with irascible temerity over the years.

Indeed, what appear as the baptism of joy among majority of the people of Kwara especially civil servants is how Governor A.A as he is fondly call is redefining governance, making frantic effort in putting smiles on the faces of civil servants in the state barring all hitches.

One of the civil servant in the State, who was a serial 'mourner' against the manner they were being treated including the ridiculously ridiculous amount they get at the end of the month under the previous administration led by the now retired godfather of Kwara politics, has this to say.

"While some state governments are already reverting back to the pre 30 percent minimum wage salary scale, some have been paying in percentages to their workforce due to the sharp fall in Federal Allocation to states and Local Governments since February, 2022.

"Rather than taking this lazy man approach, the kwara state Peoples government ably led by His Excellency AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has displayed his ingenuity and love for his workforce by paying 100 percent salary despite the shortfall in Allocations. 

"Thanks sir for not taking us back to that horrible and inhuman era of percentages. I was a direct victim, so I knew and felt the pain then.

"Your Excellency sir, may almighty Allah grant your heart desires and may you never lack good things of this life and hereafter... Ramadan kareem sir," he said.

Another workers in his eulogy of Governor AA said, " Some of my past leaders believed it's not possible to pay N30,000 minimum wage in the state but this Governor has demonstrated his passion and willingness to stand with workers of the State.

"Even with dwindling fund from federal government, he is paying. I am a bit confused as per original disposition towards his personality and style of governance."

Now, irrespective of the state dwindling resources, AbdulRazaq 's quest to audaciously forge ahead, insisting on the right of workers is what is quite amazing to keen observers who thought Kwara can never be the best of place for any workers to live decently. With this bold move, AbdulRasaq has just earned for himself the most audacious Governor in the annal of Kwara history.

For me, a Governor A.A handling of Kwara affairs is afoot, doing it with unrelenting posture. Therefore, should the Governor seek to take a shot at the Kwara State Government House the second time which I will gladly wish he does for another four years to sojourn in the State after the 2023 general elections, I won't ever hesitate to use my journalistic prowess to mobilise for the performing Governor, who is unrelentingly changing the face of governance in my dear state of HARMONY.

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