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Monday, April 11, 2022

2023 Yewa North/ImekoAfon Federal Constituency: Hope Reassured In Yewa North/ Imeko Afon

By Oluwayemisi Oloyede

As time passes, hope fades. The state of the nation worsen as the daylight echoes each day; many powerful men had steered the wheel but few drove with ease as the rickety state of the nation’s vehicle make the smooth running of the nation an onerous task.

Many bad drivers have swayed us with their sugarcoated propaganda only to display a show of disgrace once the wheel has been handed over. No wonder the saying “you can’t give what you don’t posses”.

The economy of the nation that has been rendered unproductive due to the invasion of the government by inexperienced drivers who drove the nation over the years, this will be brought back to life if we rally round to support a man of unparalleled achievements to steer the wheel and drive this constituency effortlessly to the promise land.

At the mention of ENGR. TOPE STEVEN KUYEBI, the acronym that spells magnanimity, fluids of hope runs through the people’s vein. The hope of a great district characterized by good economy, security of lives and property; and prosperous citizens who enjoys good infrastructure and basic amenities.

The hope of a strong economy coupled with constructive development that couldn’t be rivalled with in Yewa also beyond to become a reality steers since the inception of a responsive representative.

Over the years, the achievements of TOPE KUYEBI hasn’t been topped by any political spartan in Yewa North and its constituency at large, his political dynasty can’t be compared to anyone’s, his mentoring sprit is unique, his fighting spirit cannot be matched, his thirst for a better Yewa North is beyond satiation.

As hopes lingers in mind and love dwells in the soul, positivity makes the complete puzzle. The task to achieve more had spoken volumes. Expressly, the Advocacy against bad governance and also betterment of lives of people in YEWA has been his desire and goal that surely will become a reality 

On a final thought, let’s keep the faith in good shape as the our man of the people continues to fulfill his duties in making sure YEWA becomes a better place for all. And we shall all enjoy the dividends of unembellished democracy.

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